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Advantages of Emirati Security Guards in Dubai Shopping Malls

Any private company needs to have a good security guard in Dubai. Some businesses need this service much more than others, for instance, shopping malls and banks. The reason is that they are businesses that are much more exposed to trespassing than others. Plus, it attracts a ton of benefits, the most important being keeping employees and customers safe.

In this article, you will see all the benefits that having a good security guard in Dubai brings to your shopping center. Throughout this writing, the most important advantages of having access to a private security company in a mall will be mentioned and explained; or in any other business. Thus, you can convince yourself that making this contract is the best business decision you can make.

  1. Learn about the different benefits for customers
  2. What are the benefits of hiring a good security company for entrepreneurs?
  3. Some FAQs
  4. Why Emirati Guard for shopping mall security?

1. Learn about the different benefits for customers

security guard in Dubai

Currently, you can find that security guards are the protectors, ensuring a state is free of dangers or threats. In turn, shopping centers are social places where many people gather. Here, you can go shopping, watch movies, eat, meet friends, or just hang out in your free time.

Also, these huge malls can host a wide variety of festivities or events on special occasions. In this way, they are in charge of attracting more people and attracting more attention than the usual days. Therefore, there must be security in shopping centers that prevents any type of criminal activity such as robbery, crime, and even a terrorist attack.

Having experienced and trained security guard services will fully anticipate any suspicious activity. In this way, you will provide customers with a safe environment for everyone.

1.1 Ensure customer can trust us first

Security guards must be always present. In this way, they will be able to provide service to all customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thanks to this, they will gain the trust of customers. It does not matter if it is at the moment of parking the car, sudden criminal response, or emergency medical assistance.

Security guards must always be attentive and prepared for any situation that arises and help visitors. Achieving in this way, visitors feel more comfortable with their visit to the shopping center.

1.2 Guarding people and resources

It is very easy to encounter risky situations at any time and in any place. However, in shopping centers, this is a bigger problem due to the large number of visitors that it has during the day. In addition, you can find stores that have different goods that need to be protected.

For this reason, it is important to have security guards in charge of protecting the mall. Not only of any problem with customers but also of any problem with towards the structure of the shopping center itself. It is important to protect everything that is inside the shopping center.

2. What are the benefits of hiring a good security company for entrepreneurs?

Having a good security company is very important and is beneficial for everyone. Finding companies that provide good service is important and here we can find good Dubai security services. For this reason, you can see below all the benefits of having a good company:

2.1 Safety suppliers

All security guards have a vital security role in shopping malls and everything in between. Security guards are professionals who are trained in different dangerous activities and crime prevention. Additionally, they can maintain public accountability, customer service, conflict resolution, and emergency response.

Security guards are in charge of ensuring a risk-free environment. This can be obtained through experience and proactive security. A company that offers security services will need to have a good track record of giving visitors peace of mind.

It is important to look for providers who are trustworthy and have a good reputation. This is because it is the safety of the visitors and the establishment itself that is at stake. Therefore, security services should be something that is selected with the detail that it needs.

2.2 Public relations

Another benefit that security guards provide us is that they serve as ambassadors in shopping centers. The security guards on duty are very informative and friendly support to all visitors and shoppers. In this way, you can add this to the impeccable experience of any visitor when buying.

You can find that public relations are part of a good service and in this case, it is no different. Communicating with visitors is important and can be helpful in many emergencies. So having a security service that can build rapport with the public is very helpful.

2.3 Visual deterrent

Making the selection of a security guard for shopping malls and any retail outlet is very helpful. This is because they will be able to visually deter all the people who visit these places. The vigilant behavior exhibited by the security guards will meet any trouble or damage that occurs in the shopping malls.

Its simple physical presence in shopping centers will be able to ensure a much more positive experience on the part of the customer. In addition, these manage to ensure the feeling of peace, which is a great value of great importance for all security guards. In this way, they will be able to pave the way for a much healthier environment.

3. Some FAQs

security guard in Dubai

A person who owns a business always has certain doubts about choosing the best security company. Especially when it comes to a shopping center that is constantly inhabited by many people. In addition, you are surely wondering what functions security guards must perform when you hire them. These questions and others will be answered below, in this section.

3.1 What are the functions that the mall security guard must fulfill before opening the shopping center?

The security guards in Dubai must comply with different obligations before proceeding to open the shopping center. It is important to clarify that these activities are not only for shopping centers, they also work for other private companies; but, they must be adapted to the needs of the business in question.

When it comes to shopping malls, the first thing a good security guard in Dubai should do is do inspection rounds all over the place. That is all the stores, security areas, warehouses, and any space that is part of the mall. This is to make sure that everything will start smoothly and that there is no person with bad intentions.

Secondly, it must be checked that all security devices are in proper working order. This refers to security cameras and any CCTV equipment. Finally, they are in charge of making the opening to all the mall staff. In addition, to verify their identities and that they work in one of the premises.

3.2 What should a security guard in Dubai do while the mall is open?

The most important thing that security guards must do while the shopping center is open is to monitor customer access. In addition, they must have control of the cashier areas and monitor them. Also, packages and bags should be inspected if necessary.

On the other hand, you must have control of the security arch in case there is a loss of devices. If a robbery or theft happens, different actions must be taken to solve this problem. For instance, close all the doors and catch the offender, if necessary call other security forces.

3.3 What are the functions that the mall security guard must fulfill after opening the shopping center?

Once the shopping center is closed, an exit control of the employees must be carried out. This involves the inspection of all worker packages and bags, if necessary. In addition, patrolling security must be carried out to verify that no one remains inside the building.

On the other hand, night rounds must be carried out inside and outside the building. Also, check the connections and check that the alarm system works correctly. Finally, the working day ends when daily service reports are made, where any atypical situation or incident is specified. All security guards must have the corresponding security equipment.

3.4 What is the SIRA license?

A SIRA license in Dubai is known as the seal of approval for all the security equipment and preparations that a business has put in place. If you want to hire a company that offers security, you should look for one that has a SIRA license. Because this implies that this security company was examined by SIRA inspectors, both its facilities and services. In addition, they grant a certificate that proves they have this document.

3.5 Why should you hire security companies that have SIRA approval?

A private security company that has SIRA approval can provide different benefits to the shopping center. Some of these advantages are mentioned below.

3.5.1 They are private security companies that generate trust

If you hire services from a company with SIRA approval, you will have a top-quality security system. Because, all security guards in Dubai must go through SIRA training, which prepares them for any emergency. In addition, it is a company that is going to provide the shopping center with the complete installation of CCTV, to achieve total protection.

3.5.2 Ensure equipment maintenance

When acquiring all the services of a company that has SIRA approval; must guarantee the regular maintenance of the closed-circuit television system, during the course of the year. This regular maintenance of the system is very good since it provides a concrete and effective solution to the failures that may appear. In addition, this maintenance must also be done to avoid inconveniences.

3.5.3 They keep your entire system up to date

A private security company that has SIRA approval guarantees that the CCTV system will be kept up to date. That is, you are going to get the latest news on security systems for your shopping center. This includes a change of equipment to the latest generation and thus keeps the entire building and adjacent areas safe; for both customers and employees.

3.5.4 Grants credibility

All security companies that have SIRA approval give it a lot of reputation; therefore, the person who owns the shopping center can be sure that it will be safe and will not be inconvenienced.

3.6 If the security company provides assistants, what are their functions?

There are security companies that provide security assistants to security guards. These assistants have different functions and thus be able to guarantee that the shopping center will be completely protected. The first thing they must do is open and close the doors for the customers of the shopping center. In addition, they are in charge of guiding and providing information to customers.

On the other hand, they must verify and maintain the building facilities. Among them, are boilers, ventilation, meters, heating, and more. If one of the premises has a policy of leaving bags in lockers before entering; the assistants are in charge of guarding these belongings. However, they cannot search any of the bags.

Another function that is very important that they fulfill is that; they must provide information and ensure that the rules of the establishment are followed. But, they are not allowed to keep identity control or register belongings.

4. Why Emirati Guard for shopping mall security?

As you can see, it is important that all shopping centers have to have private security. This is because they are places that have a lot of people and must be kept protected, otherwise misfortunes can happen. In case you are looking for a good company that provides these services contact Emirati Guard.

All our security guards have SIRA training and our company has SIRA approval. We are specialized in providing security and peace of mind to our clients. To contact us you can call us at +971 43 316 688. Also, you can write to us at

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10 necessary security guard equipment that is must on duty

Security guards are typically engaged by private firms in the UAE and other areas of the world to patrol facilities and grounds. They often work in government entities and have comparable responsibilities. While on patrol, security guards usually need to respond to emergencies. Guards typically carry certain security guard equipment to protect themselves, execute work quickly, prevent crimes and mishaps, and so forth.

In this article, we will be listing the top security guard equipment that individuals need to comply with when doing security guard work. Inadequate security guard equipment might leave your security personnel unprepared, vulnerable, and incapable of executing their job: safeguarding you and your property. Consequently, learning what security guards wear is essential. Let us see:

1. Know the essential security guard equipment

2. See the following frequently asked questions

3. Find the security guard you need with Emirati Guard

1. Know the essential security guard equipment

security guard equipment

We need more than ever on security guards to keep us safe from threats and violent crime because the world is a harsher place. Security guards frequently carry a lot of equipment that is necessary for them to execute their duties.

Whether armed or unarmed, they need to have the appropriate training in addition to having the right security gear, which is typically provided by the security companies they work for. If you want to know more about this, here is a list of security guards equipment:

1.1 Security license

Any job you apply for automatically requires you to carry identification and documentation of your status on you. Similar circumstances apply to working as a security guard, and because this position is delicate and involves important issues of law and order, it is imperative that the guard always has their security license with them while they are on duty. It is a criminal offence if they are working without a license.

In the UAE, every security guard must have their SIRA license. The SIRA license in Dubai is your stamp of endorsement for the security knowledge you have. Consequently, it shows that you are capable of providing protection to the people that hires you. Therefore, this is why it is so important.

1.2 Clothing

A uniform, a bullet-proof vest, rubber sole boots, and high-visibility jackets are all part of security guard attire. Guards must wear every item below; except the high-visibility jacket if it is nighttime and they are on duty. Since guards must wear their uniforms and boots for extended periods of time, they must be secure and comfortable.

Wearing private security gear is essential for guards working in the cash in transit sector. This type of activity requires people who are professional and ready for any type of issues. Consequently, having the necessary security guard equipment will help guards complete their missions accordingly.

1.3 Flashlight

This is a clear-cut and necessary piece of a Security guard equipment checklist. Even though flashlights are bulky and hefty, they work exceptionally well even when the guard is on duty throughout the day. Therefore, a powerful, high-quality flashlight is essential for security guards. This because they could find themselves in a tight spot even in broad daylight. This is one of the main requirements for SIRA training, as it is part of the teaching process.

1.4 Waterproof pen and notepad

Continuing with the security guard accessories list, a guard’s duties extend beyond catching criminals and preventing crimes. Additionally, they must patrol the region they are watching over and record any significant observations. Since providing information is one of the main security guard responsibilities, waterproof notepad and pen can be really handy.

1.5 Defense equipment

A security guard must prioritize their own safety in order to defend those around them. Consequently, they frequently carry a variety of defensive tools; including handguns, batons, and pepper spray. It aids them in handling law enforcement, criminals, and offenders. As a result, it is imperative that they always have this equipment on the job; regardless of how frequently they use it. It is as important as having the SIRA license for security businesses.

1.6 Digital camera

If every area that a security guard had to patrol or watch were covered by a CCTV camera, which is not the case, then their work would be incredibly simple. A digital camera is helpful in situations where a private security guard is responsible for overseeing areas without cameras. Officers can use it to document significant events, snap pictures of objects or crime scenes, and film suspicious activity and vehicles.

1.7 Two-way radio

At a work, a number of security guards must communicate with one another at all times. They cannot take the chance of losing touch in the event of an emergency or a critical circumstance. Therefore, when a security guard needs to contact another officer or their headquarters, two-way radios are their closest friend.

1.8 Power bank and smartphone

A security guard does use two-way radios the majority of the time, but there is no denying the value of digital technology and communication in this line of work. For quick calls, images, online research, and maps, smartphones are essential. In addition to a smartphone, security personnel should carry a high-capacity power bank in case their phone’s battery dies. These are very important items on our security guard equipment list.

1.9 Belt

Where will the security guard store all of this? They require access to this equipment so they can quickly get what they need. A robust security belt can be useful in this situation. This belt, which fits around the waist, can hold all the gear that a security officer has to carry.

1.10 First aid kit

This is the last item on our private security equipment list. First aid administration may not seem like a security guard’s primary responsibility, but trust us, it is. A little first aid bag stocked with the necessities not only benefits the security guards themselves in an emergency but also those nearby. While waiting for police and medical assistance to arrive at the scene, the security officer can offer the necessary assistance.

2. See the following frequently asked questions

security guard equipment

Here are some of the most common questions about security guards:

2.1 What other type of equipment is essential for security guards?

Other useful duty equipment might include:

  • Rechargeable batteries are available for walkie-talkies, flashlights, and cameras.
  • Night shifts require night vision equipment.
  • Identification card lanyards
  • For harsh weather conditions, wear warm or cool clothing, rain gear, and/or impermeable footwear.

2.2 Do every security guard carry guns or other types of armor?

Only a few security officers are armed. To be able to carry a gun while on the job, security guards must undergo more extensive training and certification. This is not an easy process, only the best security agencies in the UAE provide armed security to their clients.

2.3 What is a security guard equipment list?

This is a collection of security guard equipment and tools that is frequently created by security firms for their workers. There is not an official security equipment list in the UAE, so the list may vary significantly depending on the firm.

2.4 What is the best type of communication equipment for security guards?

A two-way radio is the most popular form of communication tool used by security personnel. Two persons can communicate with each other over radio waves using a two-way radio. Security officers who work at events or in a shopping environment frequently use two-way radios.

Two-way radios are a wonderful alternative for sites where there are multiple security guards on duty to enable the guards to interact with one another when necessary. Additionally, security guards frequently carry their cell phones these days in case they have to get in touch with their management or the rescue services. A smartphone and a radio are frequent items on a security guard’s equipment list.

3. Find the security guard you need with Emirati Guard

Finding the best security guard agency is not as difficult as you may think. Especially, since you are already in the right place. Emirati Guard is the perfect place if you are looking for a private, building, or cash security guard in the UAE. We provide our team with the necessary gear and equipment to make their processes easier. If you want to know more about our processes and the services we can provide, you can get in touch with us at or you can call us at +971 43 316 688.

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How does Cash in Transit work and what are the fundamentals?

One of the first nations in the Gulf to implement a professional security strategy is the UAE. The flow of high-value items like gold, diamonds, and cash also increased when Dubai and Abu Dhabi were chosen as the regional headquarters and supply chains of global corporations. As a result, the UAE’s cash in transit businesses has been increasing lately.

In this article, we will talk about what cash in transit means, how it work, the responsibilities of an individual in this area, and more. There are many companies in the UAE with SIRA approval for cash-in transit service, however, not all of them specialize in the storage, security, and transportation of cash. Nevertheless, the ones that do are the best in the industry. Let us observe:

1. What is cash in transit security?

2. How does the cash-in-transit process work?

3. Learn about the security guard’s responsibilities in cash-in transit

4. Know the operational task in cash collection in cash transit

5. Get in touch with Emirati Guard for your cash services

1. What is cash in transit security?

cash in transit

For those wondering what is cash in transit, here is the answer. Cash in transit (CIT) refers to circumstances in which real cash money is in the phase of being transferred from one situation to another.

Parallel to cash valuables in transport (CVIT), cash-in-transit refers to the movement of actual cash; such as when it is taken out of a bank vault and handed to a client in an armored car. Today, the phrase is more commonly used to describe the state of deposits or transfers of money as funds are transferred from one account to another.

Private security firms that provide cash handling as one of their services make up a large portion of the cash-in-transit industry. By law, CIT businesses are considered logistics organizations in the private-security industry and must comply with transportation and security rules.

The CIT sector is subject to federal, state, local, and municipal laws, as well as social norms and current behaviors. The Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, and police are often the responsible authorities for the cash security sector. There may be limits and restrictions put by laws and regulations regarding the employment of weapons, vehicles, the bare minimum crew size, and the application of intelligent banknote neutralization systems.

2. How does the cash-in-transit process work?

The biggest retailers, banks, and other companies do not really keep goods in their premises after work hours, and neither do jewelry chains.

Consequently, custodial service providers receive money and valuables. Therefore, these agents secure them and deliver them back to the company during work hours.

The UAE’s private security firms with SIRA or PSBD licenses offer their clients cash transfer services.

Cash in transit means moving real, tangible cash assets from one place to another. Professional security firms frequently handle these physical transfers of legal currency; such as delivering cash from a treasury facility to a bank or moving money from one branch of one bank to another branch located in a different part of the city.

3. Learn about the security guard’s responsibilities in cash-in-transit

Here are some of the responsibilities of security guards to prevent cash in transit robbery:

  • When moving cash or other valuables, ensure their security.
  • Liable for maintaining a record of money and other assets.
  • Maintain constant contact with the development control center while moving valuables.
  • Inspect the car before boarding it.
  • Ensure the security tools are in good working order.
  • Cooperate with any employees handling money or valuables; including the client’s building security guard.
  • When working with clients, adhere to your company’s policies and procedures as well as their specific protocol.
  • Stay alert at all times, and have a plan in place for dealing with emergencies.
  • Avoid unnecessary car stops.
  • At any moment, including at the cash pickup location, the cash delivery location, and while escorting the asset on the road, execute the cash-in-transit procedure.

3.1 What is the threat of cash in transit teams?

The CIT team is in tremendous peril since criminals are always well-prepared and organized for robberies. The CIT crew’s health and safety are where most attacks terminate. Therefore, while carrying cash, being aware of the potential dangers aids the CIT crew in completing their business without incident.

Resources and tools for the CIT crew:

  • Documentation such as:
    • ID for the company’s employees.
    • A bank ID.
    • Card with police information.
    • Documents for delivery or collection.
  • Individual radio.
  • Other communication methods, such as cell phones.
  • Visor-equipped helmet.

The team’s coordination and communication are essential for a successful operation; thus, you must stay in touch with:

  • Central command post.
  • CIT driver when cargo and escort are on a pavement road.
  • Owners of the goods.

3.2 What are the types of cash-in-transit operations and procedures?

The CIT process has been split into two components, however, both parts require the same security measure to protect them from risk:

  • Vehicle mounting and dismounting on foot.

The four-phase CIT operation that the cars complete ensures that everyone on board follows the cash-in-transit guidelines.

3.2.1 Prior to the procedure

It is crucial to confirm the following prerequisites before performing the vehicle CIT operation:

  • Make sure the existing security equipment is fully functional, including:
    • 360° video.
    • Access controls.
    • GPS device.
    • Security system.
    • Compartments and a vault.
    • Containers for CIT and dummy bags.
    • Radio transmissions.
  • No significant exhaust or engine compartment leaks.
  • Functioning lights and signals
  • Escape hatch is working.
  • Set tire pressures.
  • Refueled and locked the filling top.
  • Windows are tidy.
  • Interior is tidy and well-arranged.
  • The cargo is set in place.
  • Limits for mass and cash value are not met

3.2.2 While traveling

  • Report progress via prearranged communications checks.
  • For security reasons, use reference codes rather than real-world place or site names.
  • If anticipated arrival times alter due to any factor, such as traffic, a route change, etc., notify the central control room.
  • Continually scan the area around the car.
    • Driver and crew are in charge of this, either whether moving or still.
  • Record and report any suspicious or odd observations.
  • When at traffic lights or crossroads, be extra cautious.

3.2.3 Arriving for the pickup or delivery

  • Look around the surroundings for any potential hazards or dangers.
  • Inform the central command room on your arrival.
  • If there are no immediate hazards, the Escort can get out and go about the car looking for threats or risks. Additionally, conduct a secondary visual sweep of the area to look for dangers.
  • Maintain a professional and alert appearance. Furthermore, they must notify the Courier to leave with the CIT container.

Parking and offloading from an armored vehicle pose a high danger of an accident or a safety problem. As a result, vehicles must provide ample space to unload securely. Furthermore, escort and courier must be cautious of other traffic in the area.

On the other hand, the number of the CIT crew might vary according on the circumstance and threat level. However, most CIT operations are conducted by one courier, one driver, and three escorts.

3.2.4 Dismount operation

When the CIT team arrives at the delivery or collection spot, they will exit their trucks and go across the pavement to the cash transfer station, which could be a business, bank, or organization. During the transfer from the armored car to the transfer area:

  • Ensure that all protective items are properly in place.
  • The T-Baton is kept in the standby mode.
  • Get to the transfer place as soon as possible.
  • Choose a walking pattern that is appropriate for the path.
  • Make the courier’s area of protection a buffer zone.
  • Unless there is an emergency, never stop.
  • Be alert for dangers, such as diversions.
  • Plan to detour or get back to the armored car if necessary.

3.2.5 In the transfer area

  • The escorting team will:
    • Radio check to make sure the driver arrived safely.
    • Complete cash delivery or collection Secure CIT container and confirmation paperwork.
    • Maintain constant vigilance and safety.
  • The driver will:
    • Continue to ride inside the car.
    • Not move the car.
    • Continue to monitor security concerns and report them after leaving the transfer area and returning to the car.
    • The escort team will contact driver via radio.

3.2.6 When coming back to the car

  • Choose a walking pattern that is appropriate for the path.
  • To safeguard the courier, create a buffer zone.
  • Search the area around the vehicle with your eyes.
  • Fill the CIT container after opening the car.

4. Know the operational task in cash collection in cash transit

cash in transit

Transporting valuables and cash is strictly prohibited on a number of fronts. Cash-in-transit businesses and other infrastructures providing CIT services must adhere to various laws, the demands of the regulatory agency, internal banking procedures, or the norms put forth by an independent service provider. Here are the tasks in cash collection for cash in transit:

Customer service management:

  • Administration of collection objects and consumer data.
  • Automatic document flow for ATM cash refills. Management of agreements and SLAs, production of supporting documentation.
  • Control and automation over service billing and payment.

Route management service for cash in transit team:

  • Creation of the most efficient routes and schedules for transportation using different regulations.
  • Swift route modification for efficient ATM cash refilling.
  • Optimization of the route while taking into consideration the transport options, insurance limitations, and other factors.
  • Centralization of valuables transportation application processes.

Resource management solutions:

  • Squad creation and dispersion along routes.
  • Inventory control (bags, weapons, cassettes, and other objects).
  • Taking into consideration the wear and tear on transportation (armored cars, armored trucks, etc.) as well as fuel and oil usage.

Order and planning management:

  • Creation of a collection brigade’s route sheet on paper or electronically
  • Monitoring the status of an ATM refill order in real time. When valuables are delivered and accepted, GPS displays or QR code scanners can be used to access the path.
  • Instant alarms.

Analytical reporting:

  • Analysis of revenue by clients, areas, and services.
  • Reports on Contractual Compliance (SLA).
  • Evaluation of the collecting service’s inventory’s quality.
  • Measurement of the employees’ workloads at cash collecting services.

5. Get in touch with Emirati Guard for your cash services

This is how the security sector does the CIT function according to industry standards. The security personnel involved in the operation must be conscious of any potential threats and have a strategy in place to deal with them.

Make sure your tools and vehicles are in functioning order while you are going through CIT. Make sure to only halt moving traffic when there is a traffic signal. Be more cautious as you make your way back to the car from the collection point.

If you are looking for a company that provides cash in transit services, you are in the right place. Emirati Guard is the perfect private security provider for businesses in the UAE. We will make sure that your cash has the necessary protection and get to the place safe. Consequently, if you want to learn more about what we do, you can send us an email at or call at +971 43 316 688.

On the other hand, if you are a guard and you are looking to work for a security firm or any other organization in the UAE, is the ideal place to begin your job search. You can view all of the job openings and begin applying on this website. Additionally, if you send your resume to,  we can assist you at every step of the way.