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How to Hire a Security Guard in Dubai

If you are looking for a security guard in Dubai, you may be wondering how to find the best one for your needs. When you hire security guard, remember they are responsible for protecting your property, assets, and people from various threats. They also need to have the skills and qualities that match your expectations and requirements.

In this article we will enlighten you and give you are some tips. All in order to help you find the best security guard for your needs.

The Role of the Security Guard

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Remember that when you hire security guard they play a vital role in protecting people and property. They deter crime, respond to emergencies, and enforce rules and regulations. In Dubai, personal security for hire is in high demand. Especially when it comes to security for events, for businesses, and residential and commercial complexes.

However, some questions might come to mind. How do you hire security guard in Dubai? Why should we hire you security guard? What are the qualifications, skills, and qualities you should look for?

Before you start looking to hire private security in Dubai, you should have a clear idea of what you expect them to do. Depending on the type and location of your business or event, you may need different levels of security. For example, a security guard at a mall may have different duties than when you hire a security guard at a bank or a hotel. Some of the common tasks include:

  • Patrolling the premises and checking for any signs of intrusion, vandalism, or danger.
  • Monitoring CCTV cameras and alarms and reporting any suspicious activities or incidents.
  • Controlling access to the building or area and verifying the identity of visitors and guests.
  • Assisting customers, employees, and residents with any queries or issues.
  • Responding to emergencies and providing first aid or CPR if needed.
  • Coordinating with other security personnel and authorities in case of a crisis or threat.

Most Important Thing for A Security Guard

The most important thing for a security guard is to have a valid **Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA)** license. SIRA is the government authority that regulates and oversees the security industry in Dubai. It sets the standards, rules, and requirements for security guards and security companies.

To obtain a SIRA license, a security guard must undergo a rigorous training program that covers several topics. Such as, security laws, ethics, communication skills, first aid, fire safety, self-defense, and emergency procedures. The training program lasts for 30 days and costs around AED 3,000. After completing the training, the security guard must pass a written and practical exam to get the license.

A SIRA license is mandatory for anyone who wants to work as a security guard in Dubai. It ensures that the security guard has the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualifications to perform the job. It also shows that the security guard has undergone a background check and has no criminal record.

Therefore, when hiring a security guard in Dubai, you should always ask for their SIRA license and verify it with the respective website. You should also check the expiration date of the license and make sure it is valid for at least six months.

SIRA License Step by Step

To obtain a SIRA license, you hire a security guard and they must undergo a background check. Furthermore, a medical examination, and a training course that covers topics such as:

  • Security laws and regulations in Dubai
  • Basic security principles and procedures
  • Fire safety and prevention
  • Crowd management and evacuation
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills
  • Customer service and etiquette

Additionally, to having a SIRA license, when you hire security guard should also have relevant experience in the field. Depending on your requirements, you may want to hire someone who has worked in similar settings or situations as yours. For example, if you need a security guard for an event, you may want someone who has experience in handling large crowds and VIP guests. However, if you need security for a residential complex, you need someone with experience in dealing with tenants and visitors.

Leadership and Teamwork

Another important thing to look for in a security guard is their ability to work well with others. A security guard should be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues, supervisors, clients, and authorities. They should also be able to follow instructions and protocols, as well as take initiative and make decisions when necessary. Nonetheless, a good security guard should be able to lead by example and inspire trust and confidence in others.

A security guard should also be able to work as part of a team. They should be able to coordinate with other security personnel and support staff to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the business or event. They should also be able to collaborate with other stakeholders. For example, police, fire brigade, ambulance, or media, in case of an emergency or incident.

Honesty and Reliability

One of the most important traits of a security guard is honesty. You want to hire someone who is trustworthy and loyal, who will not steal from you or compromise your security. A security guard should also be reliable, meaning that they show up on time, follow instructions, and complete their tasks. You can check the honesty and reliability when you hire security guard by asking for references. Also, by conducting background checks, and verifying their credentials.

Clear Communication with Quick Thinking

Another essential skill for a security guard is clear communication. A security guard should be able to communicate effectively with you, your staff, and the public. They should be able to report any incidents or issues that arise, as well as provide instructions or guidance when needed. A security guard should also have quick thinking abilities, meaning that they can react swiftly and appropriately to any situation. They should be able to assess the risks and take the best course of action to prevent or resolve any problems. You can evaluate the communication and quick thinking skills of a security guard by conducting interviews, testing their knowledge, and observing their performance.

Security Equipment to Help Guards Do Their Jobs

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If you are looking for a security guard in Dubai, you may wonder what kind of equipment they need to perform their duties effectively. Security guards are responsible for protecting people, property and assets from various threats and risks. They need to have the right tools and devices to ensure their safety and efficiency.

Some of the common security equipment that guards use in Dubai are:

  • CCTV cameras

These are devices that capture and record video footage of the surroundings. They help guards monitor the activities and movements of people and vehicles in a certain area. CCTV cameras can also deter potential criminals and provide evidence in case of an incident.

  • Alarm systems

These are systems that alert guards and authorities of any unauthorized entry or intrusion. They can be triggered by sensors, motion detectors, door contacts or panic buttons. Alarm systems are a form of cyber security that can also notify guards of fire, smoke or gas leaks.

  • Access control systems

These are systems that control who can enter or exit a certain premises or area. They can use biometric, face recognition, RFID cards or password authentication methods. Access control systems can also keep track of the attendance and time of the guards and staff.

  • Intercoms

These are devices that allow guards to communicate with each other or with other people in the premises. They can be wired or wireless, and can have audio or video features. Intercoms can also be used to announce messages or instructions to the public.

More security devices and options

  • Door locks

These are devices that secure the doors and prevent unauthorized access. Thanks to current advances of technology, they can be really modern. For example, mechanical, electronic or magnetic, and can have different levels of security. Door locks can also be integrated with alarm systems or access control systems.

  • Gate barriers

These are devices that control the entry and exit of vehicles in a parking lot or garage. They can be manual or automatic, and can have sensors, cameras or ticket dispensers. Gate barriers can also be linked with access control systems or CCTV cameras.

  • Security safes

These are devices that store valuable items such as cash, jewelry, documents or weapons. They can be fireproof, waterproof or burglar-proof, and can have digital or mechanical locks. Security safes can also be hidden or disguised as furniture or appliances.

  • Security uniforms

These are clothing items that identify the guards as security personnel. They can have badges, logos, patches or stripes that indicate their rank, name or company. Security uniforms can also have reflective materials, pockets or belts for carrying equipment.

  • Security weapons

You could even hire armed security guard for more protection. These weapons are devices that help guards defend themselves or others from attackers. They can be lethal or non-lethal since there are several weapons to be used in in a security equipment list.

Security weapons can include batons, pepper spray, tasers, knives or guns. Also, radios, fire extinguishers, flashlights and some manual metal detectors.

You can either buy or rent the security equipment from reputable suppliers or security companies in Dubai. You should also maintain and update the equipment regularly. If you want to hire security guard in Dubai, you should look for a reputable security company that provides them with the necessary equipment and training.


Hiring a security guard in Dubai can be a challenging task, but it can also be rewarding if you find the right one for your needs. By following these tips, you can ensure that you hire security guard that is honest, reliable, communicative, and quick-thinking. A security guard that has these qualities will not only protect your property and people, but also enhance your reputation and credibility.

Security Guards

Introduction to Security Companies in Dubai

Due to the strict rules that law enforcement authorities follow without discrimination, Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. Nevertheless, there are several top security companies in Dubai that offer an additional layer of protection for both businesses and individuals. There are several businesses that provide event security in Dubai because the emirate hosts a number of fascinating events throughout the year.

In this article, we will be giving you an introduction to the best security companies in Dubai. Businessmen, celebrities, and high-profile socialites frequently need extra security and protection, hence security companies Dubai also provide personal security services. Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Lets see the best security companies here:

Understanding Security Needs in Dubai

security companies in Dubai

There is always a chance of criminal conduct or disorderly behavior when managing a business or event. As a result, it is critical to pay closer attention to what is happening in your surroundings.

Safety and a feeling of protection are guaranteed by security guards. Crowd management, theft prevention, and general security can all be accomplished by guards. Security guard services are essential for your family, company, personal belongings, and employees.

Here are some of the many benefits of working with a security firm for your personal or professional need:

  • Deter crime: A surefire approach to serve as a visual barrier for any illegal conduct is to have security personnel present. Security guards in the UAE must complete specific instruction before beginning their careers. This instruction covers seeing and identifying any unusual behavior that might have an effect on the neighborhood or nearby civilians. Additionally, employing security will scare any crooks and aid in their deterrence.
  • Sense of security: A security guard offers you comfort if you are managing a business, hosting an event, or require personal safety. People will feel more at rest understanding there is a safety measure in place and that, if necessary an expert worker is on hand to provide protection. In turn, this produces a safe environment for your clients or workers.
  • Crowd control: The safety of your customers depends on you hiring security for areas where your company or event will have big numbers of people. They can also sort through the line of individuals to assist avoid crowding. Security is crucial for adhering to health and safety laws if you are organizing an event with huge crowds of people. preserving appropriate behavior in larger crowds, keeping an eye on traffic flow, and discouraging any risky behaviors.

Detail about the Top 3 Security Companies in Dubai

Before we go onto detail about the best security companies in Dubai, we will help you with some details you must know before hiring one. You should work with Dubai’s top security firm and obtain Dubai security services if you want your safety to be guaranteed. Use the suggestions below as a help while making your decision.

  • Check for insurance and proper licenses: Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Additionally, you want to confirm the insurance status of their security workers. This protects you and guarantees that they will be paid in the case of any situation that may arise.
  • Specialization and experience: Choose a service provider with professional security personnel. The majority of businesses list the qualifications of their employees along with the training they have received on their websites. In addition to experience, you ought to pick a security firm that specializes in the kind of security you require. Some have security staff with specializations in private security, security for special occasions, or security for buildings like hotels, malls, and schools. Even if employing them could be more expensive than other options, it is advisable to select highly trained and competent guards when it pertains to your protection.
  • Know their reputation: To limit your security partner possibilities, read online reviews. You may quickly learn about their level of service quality from this phase. You can also request references from your company contact if you want to be certain. The people they were working for will be more than happy to recommend them if their safety procedures are actually excellent.

Now, here are the top 3 best security companies in Dubai:

Emirati Guard

Emirati Guard is a strong security guard service provider in the UAE. We have been providing our top-notch Dubai security services for a few years. Consequently, giving our customers the tools and resources they need to instate security for them, their families, or their business.

Our goal is to give our clients security and safety through an exclusive service that interacts with Emiratis, hence increasing their sense of security and dependability to their unique demands. Our primary concerns are ultimately the protection and safety of the client’s personnel, facilities, assets, and general public.

Company Background and History

Emirati Guard was founded to satisfy the demand for upscale, luxurious safety services among UAE’s private, corporate, and government clients. The high expectations of citizens and tourists to the UAE continue to be the cornerstone of everything we do.

We are dedicated to giving you Emirati Guards for your opulent way of life. By investing in and developing our most important resource, our team, we aim to meet all of our goals and go above and beyond for our clients. Our goal is to earn our clients’ trust by offering the best security services accessible in the UAE and upholding high standards.

Services Offered and Specialization

Estate protection, executive protection, luxury security services, and cash security solutions are just a few of the excellent services we provide. Most of the highly qualified individuals we use to defend our clients are chosen from military units, professional associations, and law enforcement groups.

Our high-profile clients include public leaders, wealthy people and their families, entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as celebrities and entertainment companies.

Above all else, we place a high importance on mutual respect, truthfulness, integrity, and altruism. Due to the fact that our staff members are UAE nationals, we have a rich and encouraging environment where personal growth can blossom. We hold ourselves responsible to our clients, staff, and partners by keeping our promises, delivering on our promises, and continually striving to provide the best luxury security services.

Rann Security

One of the top security companies in Dubai is RANN Security, and for good reason! They are a licensed business, which has helped them maintain their position as one of Dubai’s top 10 security firms. They have more than ten years of expertise, and they are able to provide their clients in the public and private sectors with high-quality protection services and solutions.

Company Background and History

The RANN Group of Companies owns RANN Security. It was founded in 2013. For the proper reasons, our business has been recognized as one of the biggest security guard providers in Dubai. They provide personnel and security solutions that are Licensed, vetted, and properly instructed.

With this attitude, they are able to provide our clients with services that are of the highest caliber. Additionally, it enables them to contribute to making private and public assets in Dubai and all the main UAE cities a secure place to work, live, and relax.

It is not simple to rank among the best private security guard services in Dubai. By treating all of their clients equally, whether they belong to a government agency or a for-profit business, they manage to maintain their position among the top.

Services Offered and Specialization

Since they are aware that not all sites will have exactly the same security challenges, they develop unique safety measures and action plans. This company is able to close even the site(s) of our clients that appear to have imperceptible security gaps thanks to this unique pragmatic technique!

These are the security services they offer in Dubai:

  • Security guard services.
  • Field supervision.
  • Management of seamless safety workflows.
  • Security technology services.
  • Virtual guarding.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Remote Access Control.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Specialized training.


Transguard Group, another prominent name for protection system providers in Dubai, offers a wide range of services to its large customer. Since its founding in 2001, it has landed sizable contracts across the UAE. Among them is the security coordination for major sporting occasions like the IRB Rugby 7s World Cup and Rugby Sevens. Additionally, they were in charge of security for a total of as 17 tents at Expo 2020, the World’s Greatest Show.

Company Background and History

Transguard was set up in 2001, and since then, it has been successfully growing in securing corporate contracts throughout the UAE. Facilities management, manpower services, and security services. The most reputable provider of business assistance and outsourcing in the UAE, Transguard employs more than 61,000 people and is home to a sizable, vibrant, and culturally varying workforce.

Services Offered and Specialization

Their services include:

  • Workforce Solutions.
  • Transguard Living.
  • Transguard Delivery.
  • Taste of Home.
  • Security Services.
  • Manpower Solutions.
  • Managed Services.
  • Hospitality Solutions.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Events Solutions.
  • Cash Services.
  • Aviation Services.


security companies in Dubai

Do you believe that your company should not take security lightly? If so, security services could be the ideal choice for your business. An excellent approach to make sure your business has a sufficient security system set up is to use security services. These security measures will ensure that no risks are hiding around every corner, keeping you and your staff secure.

Choosing security services when they are necessary might be challenging. It is crucial to discover security services you can rely on and feel safe with for your home or company safety requirements. Researching security businesses before entering any contracts or employing the company for services is one approach to achieve this.

Finding a top-notch security company through rigorous research has several advantages over simply choosing one because it felt good at the time. Therefore, if you want support for your security needs it is best to select a company that can give you the real assistance you are looking for.

If you want an all-around security services company in Dubai, Emirati Guard is here for you. Get in touch with us and obtain the help you need to keep your security in place! With us, you will not have to worry about a thing. We can handle any type of situation regarding the security of your business, home, or family. With us you can make the most out of our advantages:

  • Our team will be more cognizant of your requirements and preferences.
  • Since we have local knowledge, we can give better advice on safety precautions for a home or business.
  • Greater comfort in knowing that your property has the proper protection when you are not home thanks to our top-notch security service.

If you want to learn more about security topics, go to our insights section.

Security Guards

Dubai Security Guards Major Role in a Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Area

Generally, Dubai security guards have different similar functions, but they vary depending on the area in which they are working. For instance, if you are working in a residential, commercial, or industrial area. Depending on the area in which you are, the work can be stronger and riskier. This is because in some places there are more people than others, just as in some there is merchandise and in others, there is not.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about the functions of the Dubai security guards; depending on the area in which they have to work. First, the functions they perform in a residential area will be seen. Then, we will show you in detail the work of the security guards in commercial and industrial areas. Finally, you will see a section of frequently asked questions that may be useful to you.

  1. Learn which Dubai security guard’s major role in a residential area
  2. Know which Dubai security guard’s major role in a commercial area
  3. Do you know which Dubai security guard’s a major role in the industrial areas?
  4. Some FAQs
  5. Contact Emirati Guard to get access to the best Dubai security guard

Learn Which Dubai Security Guard’s Major Role in a Residential area

Dubai security guards

A security guard is a natural person who is in charge of providing private security services. In addition, it personally grants protection to people and/or property within a certain area. This has functions that are fundamental and that you can observe below:

Access Controls

In these cases, security guards must work together with cleaning personnel; to the access controls of guests or people who are foreign to the property. In the case of co-owners, there are usually systems that have automatic control. However, these systems sometimes fail and it will be the responsibility of the security guard to intercede in these cases.

Protection of People

Protecting people is the main function of a security guard. However, it is important that what this implies can be made clear. The security guard must be empowered to detain and bring to order the authorities persons who endanger the safety of a person within their designated area.

Surveillance and Protection of Assets

For a security guard to carry out this task, they must carry out checks on security cameras and other devices. In addition, they must periodically make rounds to supervise their corresponding area firsthand.

They Must Avoid Criminal Acts

Security guards have to always be aware of any criminal act. An example of this is the invasion of private units, damage to property, and any other type of criminal activity.

Personnel Controls

In these cases, security guards may help control the behavior of any personnel in the established area.

Verifications of Alarm Systems

Since their main job is to safeguard residents as well as their real estate, they must perform certain checks. This implies that they must constantly manage and verify that the alarm systems are working correctly. In this way, they can detect any problem with this equipment faster and avoid any problem that may arise due to this failure.

Emergency Controls

The security guard must be a fundamental part of the organization of evacuations. In addition, it must be part of any type of action necessary in cases of emergency that may occur in the established area.

Know Which Dubai Security Guard’s Major Role in a Commercial Area

Commercial areas are spaces where many people pass, therefore, having Dubai security guards is very advantageous. Especially, in shopping malls. These guards must fulfill different functions that are stricter compared to residential areas. Each of them will be explained below.

Prevent Criminal Acts in Establishments

In commercial areas, it is very common for criminal acts to occur. For instance, theft and vandalism. To avoid these situations, there are Dubai security guards. It is important to mention that there must be a group of people to distribute the tasks. To avoid these events, they must carry out constant surveillance of all premises. Especially if they identify someone with a suspicious attitude. To do this, they are allowed to carry certain security equipment to be able to carry out their work correctly.

In addition, one or two of the Dubai security guards must carry out patrol security to identify suspicious attitudes. Finally, the entire area must be monitored using video camera systems and closed-circuit television. That is, the CCTV.

Keeping Records of Aecurity Logs

As previously stated, to take care of a commercial area, you must have a group of Dubai security guards. It is best to hire a private security company. Another of the functions that the people in charge must carry out is to make reports. These reports must include all incidents during the work shift. It should be noted that this document is delivered to supervisors before leaving the establishment, at the end of their work shift.

In addition, Dubai security guards who join your job must request these records. This is so they can keep track of all past events.

Schedule Shifts and Tours

Commercial areas must be guarded 24 hours a day, every day; therefore, the company in charge of security must schedule patrols and tours distributed among the different security guards. Thus, you can control the activities of all visitors and avoid any possibility of predictability.

Do You Know Which Dubai Security Guard’s a Major Role in the Industrial Areas?

Dubai security guards

In this case, the security guard must establish the steps to follow to register and control access for visitors. This can be done if they wish to enter any of the different industrial and administrative facilities of the company. They have responsibilities in different areas that can be seen below:

In Management

You can report in writing to the public affairs management. In addition, you can inform the security management to protect the visits or any special events.

To a Worker

You can go to the reception and directly receive the correspondence or a package in a personal capacity.

Receptionist Services

They will be able to assign the passes that are necessary for the guided tour. In addition, they can request an information document and verify if that visitor has any restrictions. If this is the case, you should contact internal affairs.

Access for Visitors


You must notify the public affairs management in advance of visits or special events some time in advance. In addition, you can also inform the security management or visitor protection about this. You must inform about anything that is considered necessary to coordinate the visit, from names, dates, and even names of those responsible for the event.

The Receptionist Service

You must ask the visitor for his identification document and verify it in the visitor system. If he has authorized access, he must contact the employee who will receive the visit so that he can authorize entry.

If the visitor has an access restriction, they must notify the internal affairs staff. This will proceed according to its prohibition of entry and will be the one who determines to authorize the entry. Otherwise, the employee will be notified that he must attend to the visitor at the reception.

As a Protection Operator

In this case, it is in charge of verifying or detecting whether the visitor is carrying a firearm. If so, indicate the actions that must be followed to comply with the respective procedure for the retention of firearms.

Control of Access of Cargo Trucks to the Reception Area

In industrial areas, generally, there is a lot of movement in the loading and unloading of merchandise. There is a loading dock, which is where suppliers and carriers are received. The best thing is to receive them so that they can park the trucks at will. Another option is to section off the dock so that each supplier and carrier dedicated to transporting merchandise has its own space.

The responsibility of the Dubai security guards is to make a superficial inspection of the trucks. This is done on the street before entering the loading dock. In some cases, depending on the policies, they can use x-rays and thus carry out a more rigorous inspection. In addition, the Dubai security guard must keep a record of the trucks that enter.

Some FAQs

Surely, you are wondering many things about the Dubai security guards. Next, you will see some of these with their answers, very detailed.

What things should Dubai Security Guards not do?

Security guards must not leave their jobs without permission or neglect their duties at any time. These people have the lives of many individuals under their responsibility, therefore, they must be vigilant. In addition, they must not participate in illegal activities; nor can they use excessive force or accept bribes of any kind.

Can Security Guards Follow a Particular Person?

Generally, security guards are not allowed to follow an individual; unless they have a reasonable and verifiable suspicion that this person has a suspicious attitude. That is, this person may be involved in criminal activity or represent a security threat to other individuals. In case, you see that a guard is following you and there is no valid reason, you can ask for his credentials and contact your supervisor.

Are Security Guards Allowed to Search Individuals’ Belongings?

Generally, the Dubai security guard can perform this operation under certain conditions. In particular, there are two, the first is if they have the permission of the administrator or manager. And the second is, having a court order that can only be obtained by going to the police. However, there are some exceptions to these rules and they will depend on the circumstances. For instance, an unauthorized person enters a restricted space.

Can Security Guards Request a Receipt from an Individual in a Shopping Area?

In most situations, security guards are not allowed to ask for your purchase receipt. However, there are some exceptions, the main one being that there is a reasonable suspicion of signs of theft. In addition, there may be businesses that have within their policies to authorize security guards to request receipts from all customers, when leaving the establishment.

Are there Additional Functions that Dubai Security Guards must Perform, Regardless of the Area of ​​Work?

Yes, there are. Both in the commercial area, as well as in the industrial and residential areas, there may be the presence of guests. The security guards are obliged to provide different orientations that are of their knowledge. For instance, guide the vehicles to the corresponding parking spaces.

In addition, security guards are responsible for enforcing established regulations; either from the residential, commercial, or industrial areas. This is to protect employees, residents, guests, and the general public from any possible danger.

Contact Emirati Guard to get access to the Best Dubai security guard

As you can see, hiring a company dedicated to security is essential, whether in a commercial, industrial, or residential area. It is important that when you hire a company that offers these services, you are sure that the Dubai security guards are of good quality. To verify this, you must make sure that the company has SIRA approval.

If you are looking for a company that meets these characteristics, the best option that exists is Emirati guard. We have the best security guards in Dubai and all comply with SIRA training. In case you want to contact us, you can call us at the following telephone number +971 43 316 688. Or if you prefer, send us an email at