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Dubai security guards major role in a residential, commercial, and industrial area

Generally, Dubai security guards have different similar functions, but they vary depending on the area in which they are working. For instance, if you are working in a residential, commercial, or industrial area. Depending on the area in which you are, the work can be stronger and riskier. This is because in some places there are more people than others, just as in some there is merchandise and in others, there is not.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about the functions of the Dubai security guards; depending on the area in which they have to work. First, the functions they perform in a residential area will be seen. Then, we will show you in detail the work of the security guards in commercial and industrial areas. Finally, you will see a section of frequently asked questions that may be useful to you.

  1. Learn which Dubai security guard’s major role in a residential area
  2. Know which Dubai security guard’s major role in a commercial area
  3. Do you know which Dubai security guard’s a major role in the industrial areas?
  4. Some FAQs
  5. Contact Emirati Guard to get access to the best Dubai security guard

1. Learn which Dubai security guard’s major role in a residential area

Dubai security guards

A security guard is a natural person who is in charge of providing private security services. In addition, it personally grants protection to people and/or property within a certain area. This has functions that are fundamental and that you can observe below:

1.1 Access controls

In these cases, security guards must work together with cleaning personnel; to the access controls of guests or people who are foreign to the property. In the case of co-owners, there are usually systems that have automatic control. However, these systems sometimes fail and it will be the responsibility of the security guard to intercede in these cases.

1.2 Protection of people

Protecting people is the main function of a security guard. However, it is important that what this implies can be made clear. The security guard must be empowered to detain and bring to order the authorities persons who endanger the safety of a person within their designated area.

1.3 Surveillance and protection of assets

For a security guard to carry out this task, they must carry out checks on security cameras and other devices. In addition, they must periodically make rounds to supervise their corresponding area firsthand.

1.4 They must avoid criminal acts

Security guards have to always be aware of any criminal act. An example of this is the invasion of private units, damage to property, and any other type of criminal activity.

1.5 Personnel controls

In these cases, security guards may help control the behavior of any personnel in the established area.

1.6 Verifications of alarm systems

Since their main job is to safeguard residents as well as their real estate, they must perform certain checks. This implies that they must constantly manage and verify that the alarm systems are working correctly. In this way, they can detect any problem with this equipment faster and avoid any problem that may arise due to this failure.

1.7 Emergency controls

The security guard must be a fundamental part of the organization of evacuations. In addition, it must be part of any type of action necessary in cases of emergency that may occur in the established area.

2. Know which Dubai security guard’s major role in a commercial area

Commercial areas are spaces where many people pass, therefore, having Dubai security guards is very advantageous. Especially, in shopping malls. These guards must fulfill different functions that are stricter compared to residential areas. Each of them will be explained below.

2.1 Prevent criminal acts in establishments

In commercial areas, it is very common for criminal acts to occur. For instance, theft and vandalism. To avoid these situations, there are Dubai security guards. It is important to mention that there must be a group of people to distribute the tasks. To avoid these events, they must carry out constant surveillance of all premises. Especially if they identify someone with a suspicious attitude. To do this, they are allowed to carry certain security equipment to be able to carry out their work correctly.

In addition, one or two of the Dubai security guards must carry out patrol security to identify suspicious attitudes. Finally, the entire area must be monitored using video camera systems and closed-circuit television. That is, the CCTV.

2.2 Keeping records of security logs

As previously stated, to take care of a commercial area, you must have a group of Dubai security guards. It is best to hire a private security company. Another of the functions that the people in charge must carry out is to make reports. These reports must include all incidents during the work shift. It should be noted that this document is delivered to supervisors before leaving the establishment, at the end of their work shift.

In addition, Dubai security guards who join your job must request these records. This is so they can keep track of all past events.

2.3 Schedule shifts and tours

Commercial areas must be guarded 24 hours a day, every day; therefore, the company in charge of security must schedule patrols and tours distributed among the different security guards. Thus, you can control the activities of all visitors and avoid any possibility of predictability.

3. Do you know which Dubai security guard’s a major role in the industrial areas?

Dubai security guards

In this case, the security guard must establish the steps to follow to register and control access for visitors. This can be done if they wish to enter any of the different industrial and administrative facilities of the company. They have responsibilities in different areas that can be seen below:

3.1 In management

You can report in writing to the public affairs management. In addition, you can inform the security management to protect the visits or any special events.

3.2 To a worker

You can go to the reception and directly receive the correspondence or a package in a personal capacity.

3.3 Receptionist services

They will be able to assign the passes that are necessary for the guided tour. In addition, they can request an information document and verify if that visitor has any restrictions. If this is the case, you should contact internal affairs.

3.4 Access for visitors

3.4.1 Management

You must notify the public affairs management in advance of visits or special events some time in advance. In addition, you can also inform the security management or visitor protection about this. You must inform about anything that is considered necessary to coordinate the visit, from names, dates, and even names of those responsible for the event.

3.4.2 The receptionist service

You must ask the visitor for his identification document and verify it in the visitor system. If he has authorized access, he must contact the employee who will receive the visit so that he can authorize entry.

If the visitor has an access restriction, they must notify the internal affairs staff. This will proceed according to its prohibition of entry and will be the one who determines to authorize the entry. Otherwise, the employee will be notified that he must attend to the visitor at the reception.

3.4.3 As a protection operator

In this case, it is in charge of verifying or detecting whether the visitor is carrying a firearm. If so, indicate the actions that must be followed to comply with the respective procedure for the retention of firearms.

3.5 Control of access of cargo trucks to the reception area

In industrial areas, generally, there is a lot of movement in the loading and unloading of merchandise. There is a loading dock, which is where suppliers and carriers are received. The best thing is to receive them so that they can park the trucks at will. Another option is to section off the dock so that each supplier and carrier dedicated to transporting merchandise has its own space.

The responsibility of the Dubai security guards is to make a superficial inspection of the trucks. This is done on the street before entering the loading dock. In some cases, depending on the policies, they can use x-rays and thus carry out a more rigorous inspection. In addition, the Dubai security guard must keep a record of the trucks that enter.

4. Some FAQs

Surely, you are wondering many things about the Dubai security guards. Next, you will see some of these with their answers, very detailed.

4.1 What things should Dubai security guards not do?

Security guards must not leave their jobs without permission or neglect their duties at any time. These people have the lives of many individuals under their responsibility, therefore, they must be vigilant. In addition, they must not participate in illegal activities; nor can they use excessive force or accept bribes of any kind.

4.2 Can security guards follow a particular person?

Generally, security guards are not allowed to follow an individual; unless they have a reasonable and verifiable suspicion that this person has a suspicious attitude. That is, this person may be involved in criminal activity or represent a security threat to other individuals. In case, you see that a guard is following you and there is no valid reason, you can ask for his credentials and contact your supervisor.

4.3 Are security guards allowed to search individuals’ belongings?

Generally, the Dubai security guard can perform this operation under certain conditions. In particular, there are two, the first is if they have the permission of the administrator or manager. And the second is, having a court order that can only be obtained by going to the police. However, there are some exceptions to these rules and they will depend on the circumstances. For instance, an unauthorized person enters a restricted space.

4.4 Can security guards request a receipt from an individual in a shopping area?

In most situations, security guards are not allowed to ask for your purchase receipt. However, there are some exceptions, the main one being that there is a reasonable suspicion of signs of theft. In addition, there may be businesses that have within their policies to authorize security guards to request receipts from all customers, when leaving the establishment.

4.5 Are there additional functions that Dubai security guards must perform, regardless of the area of ​​work?

Yes, there are. Both in the commercial area, as well as in the industrial and residential areas, there may be the presence of guests. The security guards are obliged to provide different orientations that are of their knowledge. For instance, guide the vehicles to the corresponding parking spaces.

In addition, security guards are responsible for enforcing established regulations; either from the residential, commercial, or industrial areas. This is to protect employees, residents, guests, and the general public from any possible danger.

5. Contact Emirati Guard to get access to the best Dubai security guard

As you can see, hiring a company dedicated to security is essential, whether in a commercial, industrial, or residential area. It is important that when you hire a company that offers these services, you are sure that the Dubai security guards are of good quality. To verify this, you must make sure that the company has SIRA approval.

If you are looking for a company that meets these characteristics, the best option that exists is Emirati guard. We have the best security guards in Dubai and all comply with SIRA training. In case you want to contact us, you can call us at the following telephone number +971 43 316 688. Or if you prefer, send us an email at

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Dubai Security Smart Guard Programs

Dubai is among the most secure cities in the Middle East for travelers. Due to the country’s tougher rules, crime is almost inexistent, and many travelers consider Dubai to be considerably safer than other regions of the world. However, even if it is a safe place, the authorities keep implementing certain programs and more to keep Dubai security.

In this article, we will be talking about Dubai security. Lately, Dubai has been keen on providing extra security to its residents and visitors. Especially, with the implementation of security guard services. Therefore, let us see how they are boosting Dubai security:

1. Know about the security guard programme in Dubai

2. Learn more about SIRA and its UAE programs

3. Emirati Guard, the top security firm in the UAE

1. Know about the security guard programme in Dubai

Dubai security

Thanks to a new program introduced by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), security guards will now play a significant role in boosting security in Dubai. The organization has created a new program to track Dubai security personnel who are currently on duty on an interactive live map.

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, an accident, a robbery, the loss of children, or any other circumstance, the Smart Guard program will assist in communicating with guards nearby to ensure prompt action.

The platform is a piece of hardware or software that can be added to smartphones. Therefore, the guard will be kept under observation so that, in an emergency, he can be quickly reached. Likewise, the program will display information about each security guard inside the city; including their photo, contact details, and whereabouts. The responsible authority can quickly contact the guards for a prompt response and notify them of any occurrence. In Dubai, the scheme will be put into place this year for over than 33,000 security guards.

2. Learn more about SIRA and its UAE programs

SIRA or the Security Industries Regulation Authority, is a private security institute and it is a part of the Dubai protective solutions. Its responsibilities include:

  • Granting permits to security personnel and security organizations.
  • Rules and regulations enforcement
  • Taking the examinations and preparing the security guards.
  • Penalize the security officer and the business for breaking the law.

SIRA was established by the Dubai Government with a broader mandate than the Department of Protective Systems (DPS) that it succeeds; maintaining all of DPS’s licensing and regulatory functions, but expanding its work into research and development.

According to this Smart Guard program, SIRA will more closely supervise service providers and implement new policy guidelines in the security industry in Dubai. It will also establish the standards and requirements that must be met, and it will be able to amend these as needed, eliminating the need to adopt new legislation each time a reform is necessary.

2.1 What are the other security programs in Dubai?

Here are the other two programs that SIRA is implementing in the UAE:

2.1.1 Secure Guard

Secure Path is a new program that tracks vehicles like money transfer vans and safari vehicles. The program connects all automobiles to the program via a gadget to combat any difficulties or robberies.

The tracking technology will aid in the resolution of any situation, such as a safari car stuck in the desert, by allowing concerned authorities to swiftly identify the location and dispatch a rescue squad. In the event of an armed burglary or other emergency circumstance, the application can be used to find a money transfer truck on a map.

Secure Path is necessary for these vehicles:

  • Rental cars.
  • Personal vehicles.
  • Desert safari vehicles.
  • Chas in transit cars.
  • Chemical material transport.
  • Diesel transport.
  • Explosive and fireworks transport.
  • Flammable liquids transport.
  • Gas trading vehicles.
  • Hazardous material vehicles.
  • Mobile workshop.
  • Petroleum transport.
  • Pilling contractors.
  • Radioactive materials transport.
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous cargo.
  • Environmental waste transport.

3.1.2 Video Guard

A third program, Video Guard, which focuses on tracking security cameras in facilities in case of a malfunction or problem, is now also in place. The new technology will check Dubai’s security cameras for any issues and alert the maintenance business to address them. Therefore, this program ensures the operation of all cameras. The scheme, which went into effect at the start of this year, will cover surveillance cameras in around 7,000 buildings and locations.

Video Guard enhances the entire performance and uptime of the client’s security system. These three methods are how it accomplishes this:

  • Firstly, it makes it possible for SIRA to remotely watch over the customer’s video surveillance equipment. SIRA is able to view the surveillance video of the customer’s site in real time as a result.
  • Second, it is beneficial for SIRA to capture a backup copy of the surveillance footage from the Customers on its computer. As a result, even if a customer misplaces the video recording at their site, SIRA still has a distant copy.
  • Lastly, the alarm messages created by the recording devices and the intruder detection panels are then sent out by the system. These alert messages are sent to SIRA, the customer, and the security agency provider in addition to SIRA. As a result, the service provider can address and fix issues immediately.

The following events trigger alert notifications from Video Guard:

  • Loss of video owing to one or even more cameras failing.
  • A video recorder’s hard disk failed.
  • An unreliable video recorder
  • It cut itself off from the network.
  • Alarms for intrusion detection; if the client additionally has a connected alarm system.

3. Emirati Guard, the top security firm in the UAE

Dubai security

As you may notice, the UAE authorities are constantly introducing new ways to keep their resident’s security in place. Therefore, these new programs that are now in place, will help security guards do their jobs in a better way. Consequently, keeping the visitors and citizens safe.

If you are looking to hire security guards in the UAE, Emirati Guard is your best choice. With us, you will be able to obtain cash security solutions, luxury security services, and more. As a result, you can keep yourself and the one’s around you safe. Thus, if you want to acquire our services, you can contact us at +971 43 316 688 or send us an email at

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How does Cash in Transit work and what are the fundamentals?

One of the first nations in the Gulf to implement a professional security strategy is the UAE. The flow of high-value items like gold, diamonds, and cash also increased when Dubai and Abu Dhabi were chosen as the regional headquarters and supply chains of global corporations. As a result, the UAE’s cash in transit businesses has been increasing lately.

In this article, we will talk about what cash in transit means, how does it work, the responsibilities of an individual in this area, and more. There are many companies in the UAE with SIRA approval for cash in transit service, however, not all of them specialize in the storage, security, and transportation of cash. Nevertheless, the ones that do are the best in the industry. Let us observe:

1. What is cash in transit security?

2. How does the cash in transit process work?

3. Learn about the security guard responsibilities in cash in transit

4. Know the operational task in cash collection in cash transit

5. Get in touch with Emirati Guard for your cash services

1. What is cash in transit security?

cash in transit

For those wondering what is cash in transit, here is the answer. Cash in transit (CIT) refers to circumstances in which real cash money is in the phase of being transferred from one situation to another.

Parallel to cash valuables in transport (CVIT), cash-in-transit refers to the movement of actual cash; such as when it is taken out of a bank vault and handed to a client in an armored car. Today, the phrase is more commonly used to describe the state of deposits or transfers of money as funds are transferred from one account to another.

Private security firms that provide cash handling as one of their services make up a large portion of the cash-in-transit industry. By law, CIT businesses are considered logistics organizations in the private-security industry and must comply with transportation and security rules.

The CIT sector is subject to federal, state, local, and municipal laws, as well as social norms and current behaviors. The Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, and police are often the responsible authorities for the cash security sector. There may be limits and restrictions put by laws and regulations regarding the employment of weapons, vehicles, the bare minimum crew size, and the application of intelligent banknote neutralization systems.

2. How does the cash in transit process work?

The biggest retailers, banks, and other companies do not really keep goods in their premises after work hours, and neither do jewelry chains.

Consequently, custodial service providers receive money and valuables. Therefore, these agents secure them and deliver them back to the company during work hours.

The UAE’s private security firms with SIRA or PSBD licenses offer their clients cash transfer services.

Cash in transit means moving real, tangible cash assets from one place to another. Professional security firms frequently handle these physical transfers of legal currency; such as delivering cash from a treasury facility to a bank or moving money from one branch of one bank to another branch located in a different part of the city.

3. Learn about the security guard responsibilities in cash in transit

Here are some of the responsibilities of security guards to prevent cash in transit robbery:

  • When moving cash or other valuables, ensure their security.
  • Liable for maintaining a record of money and other assets.
  • Maintain constant contact with the development control center while moving valuables.
  • Inspect the car before boarding it.
  • Ensure the security tools are in good working order.
  • Cooperate with any employees handling money or valuables; including the client’s building security guard.
  • When working with clients, adhere to your company’s policies and procedures as well as their specific protocol.
  • Stay alert at all times, and have a plan in place for dealing with emergencies.
  • Avoid unnecessary car stops.
  • At any moment, including at the cash pickup location, the cash delivery location, and while escorting the asset on the road, execute the cash in transit procedure.

3.1 What is the threat of cash in transit teams?

The CIT team is under tremendous peril since criminals are always well-prepared and organized for robberies. The CIT crew’s health and safety are where most attacks terminate. Therefore, while carrying cash, being aware of the potential dangers aids the CIT crew in completing their business without incident.

Resources and tools for the CIT crew:

  • Documentation such as:
    • ID for the company’s employees.
    • A bank ID.
    • Card with police information.
    • Documents for delivery or collection.
  • Individual radio.
  • Other communication methods, such a cell phone.
  • Visor-equipped helmet.

The team’s coordination and communication are essential for a successful operation; thus, you must stay in touch with:

  • Central command post.
  • CIT driver when cargo and escort are on a pavement road.
  • Owners of the goods.

3.2 What are the types of cash in transit operations and procedures?

The CIT process has been split into two components, however both parts require the same security measure to protect them from risk:

  • Vehicle mounting and dismounting on foot.

The four-phase CIT operation that the cars complete ensures that everyone on board follows the cash in transit guidelines.

3.2.1 Prior to the procedure

It is crucial to confirm the following prerequisites before performing the vehicle CIT operation:

  • Make sure the existing security equipment is fully functional, including:
    • 360° video.
    • Access controls.
    • GPS device.
    • Security system.
    • Compartments and a vault.
    • Containers for CIT and dummy bags.
    • Radio transmissions.
  • No significant exhaust or engine compartment leaks.
  • Functioning lights and signals
  • Escape hatch is working.
  • Set tire pressures.
  • Refueled and locked the filling top.
  • Windows are tidy.
  • Interior is tidy and well-arranged.
  • The cargo is set in place.
  • Limits for mass and cash value are not met

3.2.2 While traveling

  • Report progress via prearranged communications checks.
  • For security reasons, use reference codes rather than real-world place or site names.
  • If anticipated arrival times alter due to any factor, such as traffic, a route change, etc., notify the central control room.
  • Continually scan the area around the car.
    • Driver and crew are in charge of this, either whether moving or still.
  • Record and report any suspicious or odd observations.
  • When at traffic lights or crossroads, be extra cautious.

3.2.3 Arriving for the pickup or delivery

  • Look around the surroundings for any potential hazards or dangers.
  • Inform the central command room on your arrival.
  • If there are no immediate hazards, the Escort can get out and go about the car looking for threats or risks. Additionally, conduct a secondary visual sweep of the area to look for dangers.
  • Maintain a professional and alert appearance. Furthermore, they must notify the Courier to leave with the CIT container.

Parking and offloading from an armored vehicle pose a high danger of an accident or a safety problem. As a result, vehicles must provide ample space to unload securely. Furthermore, escort and courier must be cautious of other traffic in the area.

On the other hand, the number of the CIT crew might vary according on the circumstance and threat level. However, most CIT operations are conducted by one courier, one driver, and three escorts.

3.2.4 Dismount operation

When the CIT team arrives at the delivery or collection spot, they will exit their trucks and go across the pavement to the cash transfer station, which could be a business, bank, or organization. During the transfer from the armored car to the transfer area:

  • Ensure that all protective items are properly in place.
  • The T-Baton is kept in the standby mode.
  • Get to the transfer place as soon as possible.
  • Choose a walking pattern that is appropriate for the path.
  • Make the courier’s area of protection a buffer zone.
  • Unless there is an emergency, never stop.
  • Be alert for dangers, such as diversions.
  • Plan to detour or get back to the armored car if necessary.

3.2.5 In the transfer area

  • The escorting team will:
    • Radio check to make sure the driver arrived safely.
    • Complete cash delivery or collection Secure CIT container and confirmation paperwork.
    • Maintain constant vigilance and safety.
  • The driver will:
    • Continue to ride inside the car.
    • Not move the car.
    • Continue to monitor security concerns and report them after leaving the transfer area and returning to the car.
    • The escort team will contact driver via radio.

3.2.6 When coming back to the car

  • Choose a walking pattern that is appropriate for the path.
  • To safeguard the courier, create a buffer zone.
  • Search the area around the vehicle with your eyes.
  • Fill the CIT container after opening the car.

4. Know the operational task in cash collection in cash transit

cash in transit

Transporting valuables and cash is strictly prohibited on a number of fronts. Cash-in-transit businesses and other infrastructures providing CIT services must adhere to various laws, the demands of the regulatory agency, internal banking procedures, or the norms put forth by an independent service provider. Here are the tasks in cash collection for cash in transit:

Customer service management:

  • Administration of collection objects and consumer data.
  • Automatic document flow for ATM cash refills. Management of agreements and SLAs, production of supporting documentation.
  • Control and automation over service billing and payment.

Route management service for cash in transit team:

  • Creation of the most efficient routes and schedules for transportation using different regulations.
  • Swift route modification for efficient ATM cash refilling.
  • Optimization of the route while taking into consideration the transport options, insurance limitations, and other factors.
  • Centralization of valuables transportation application processes.

Resource management solutions:

  • Squad creation and dispersion along routes.
  • Inventory control (bags, weapons, cassettes, and other objects).
  • Taking into consideration the wear and tear on transportation (armored cars, armored trucks, etc.) as well as fuel and oil usage.

Order and planning management:

  • Creation of a collection brigade’s route sheet on paper or electronically
  • Monitoring the status of an ATM refill order in real time. When valuables are delivered and accepted, GPS displays or QR code scanners can be used to access the path.
  • Instant alarms.

Analytical reporting:

  • Analysis of revenue by clients, areas, and services.
  • Reports on Contractual Compliance (SLA).
  • Evaluation of the collecting service’s inventory’s quality.
  • Measurement of the employees’ workloads at cash collecting services.

5. Get in touch with Emirati Guard for your cash services

This is how the security sector does the CIT function according to industry standards. The security personnel involved in the operation must be conscious of any potential threats and have a strategy in place to deal with them.

Make sure your tools and vehicles are in functioning order while you are going through CIT. Make sure to only halt moving traffic when there is a traffic signal. Be more cautious as you make your way back to the car from the collection point.

If you are looking for a company that provides cash in transit services, you are in the right place. Emirati Guard is the perfect private security provider for businesses in the UAE. We will make sure that your cash has the necessary protection and get to the place safe. Consequently, if you want to learn more about what we do, you can send us an email at or call at +971 43 316 688.

On the other hand, if you are a guard and you are looking to work for a security firm or any other organization in the UAE, is the ideal place to begin your job search. You can view all of the job openings and begin applying on this website. Additionally, if you send your resume to,  we can assist you at every step of the way.