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Understanding the Role of Private Security in Dubai | An Overview

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of private security guards in today’s society. These committed individuals provide security at a variety of venues, including shops, offices, banks, and other important buildings. However, they also shelter people from harm in addition to keeping locations safe. To safeguard their personal safety, celebrities and other high-profile people usually hire bodyguards or a security guard business. consequently, understanding the role of private security is essential.

In this article, we will be going in depth about the role of private security. Security officers are essential to our daily life. Private security guards ensure the safety of property owners in commercial spaces, residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, and public spaces. Let us see!

The Importance of Private Security in Dubai

role of private security

A security officer Dubai is a person who works for cash to patrol and inspect buildings for evidence of fire, theft, harm, treason, and unlawful activity. Private security guards not only protect the property but can also safeguard the community from potential threats.

Private security guards must have particular training and expertise, and certificates may be necessary by some organizations and locations. It is critical to realize that private security differs from public securityIn contrast to private security, public security is frequently more heavily controlled and less technologically sophisticated.

Businesses and organizations can safeguard themselves against numerous threats, such as theft, vandalism, and violence, with the use of private security services. Your property can be monitored and patrolled by hired guards to reduce damage and deter crime. Private security is employed by you, not the general populace.  As a result, they become familiar with how you function and can easily recognize when anything is not “normal.”

You do not need to be concerned that they will become sidetracked by external happenings because they are working for you. When everything goes wrong, choosing a security company will offer many tangible benefits. But, more importantly, it will give you trust and peace of heart that things will not easily go wrong.

Enhancing Security Measures and Crime Prevention

Even if a security system only persuades a criminal to go for a different victim, preventing crime is one of security’s fundamental goals. Many of today’s security solutions, however, work best when used post-crime to give forensic evidence regarding an incident that has already happened. Being able to solve a crime is really difficult. Without a doubt, prevention is the greatest strategy.

The first thing that springs to mind when you consider enhancing the security infrastructure of your workplace is to hire more security guards to patrol the property. You should hire more private security guards if you believe that there are any challenging areas that require better coverage. This, in order to assure proper covering of these areas.

There may be circumstances where more protesters, criminals, or intruders arrive and attempt to overwhelm your guards. Consequently, you need to have enough security personnel on duty to deal with such an attack.

To cover the role of private security, you might also arm your private security Dubai with the latest cutting-edge tools and resources. For instance, particular firearms, binoculars, cameras, and night vision devices will enhance their capabilities. Their ability to observe events with greater precision and accuracy will improve their performance. Additionally, it will enable them respond more precisely and successfully.

Your private security guards are better able to deal with criminals who are evolving and growing more adept with time thanks to modern resources and equipment. It is imperative that you do not undervalue the value of a great security company for you or your business.

In addition, with private security Dubai, you can obtain the surveillance equipment you need for any area. For example, a private security guard can install, oversee, and manage security cameras to protect a business.

Private Security Services Offered in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many security companies that provide different private security services, the most common are:

  • Patrol services: Patrol services refers to the work of a watchperson, guard, patrolperson, or other individual engaged in:
    • Protecting property or individuals.
    • Preventing theft.
    • Unlawful taking.
    • Embezzlement, concealment, misappropriation, or loss of any property.
  • Temporary security: Security guards who provide temporary security services for gatherings or special occasions are one type of security guard. They are frequently engaged for little periods, such a day or an entire week. For big events like a concert or an expo, temporary security services might offer safety. They might also be deployed to offer security during professional gatherings like company picnics or staff awards ceremonies.
  • Integrated security solution: Integrating security systems enables centralized multi-user management for complicated object and person protection. A cohesive data environment emerges by the ISS from the object’s security systems.
  • Property security: Private security guards provide property security. The role of private security here is to provide surveillance to homes, businesses, or any other type of property.
  • Personal security: Personal security is the most common services that the role of private security guards Dubai cover. These agents will make sure to protect individuals from any harm that may happen.
  • VIP services: Politicians, senior government officials, businesses, members of the royal family, officials, performers, celebrities, and other well-known people can all receive strict safety or VIP security. Sometimes, the attention paid to these persons by others is high, and the details of any third party or fan’s activities might lead to threats being made against them. To provide the greatest degree of safety from all potential hazards, watchful and knowledgeable bodyguards are necessary.

Security Guard Services

A security guard has a lot of responsibilities because many people’s lives depend on them. Lives are saved when safety risks are discovered early and removed or corrected before they pose a threat. Even if the task of the security guard varies based on the needs of the client, the primary role of security guards is to reduce the likelihood of crime in addition to ensuring the compliance of the regulations and laws where they are guarding.

The duties and responsibilities of your security guard may change from location to location and from region to territory within a location. It is important to carefully notice situations, note them down on paper, and then give them to the relevant person.

Knowing the area around the location of business will help you keep an eye out for any unforeseen events while they are on assignment. Therefore, the security guard must record any events that have an impact on the safety and security of your site and inform the appropriate party. Therefore, if procedures and rules are missing, you must inform your manager or department head.

Because of the visible presence of security on your property, criminals won’t participate in illegal activities there. As a result, if thieves see that a facility offers patrolling services, they may adjust their plans and intentions.

However, if you see someone committing a crime, you must give the police crucial information. This might make it easier for them to catch the criminal and put an end to the crime as it’s happening. You should take thorough notes as soon as you can after the incident so that it can serve as testimony in court.

Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

The systematic, ongoing, either passive or active observation of individuals, locations, items, or processes is referred to as monitoring in general. Contrarily, the term “surveillance” refers to the targeted observation of actions by private security personnel for certain signs of criminal activity or other misconduct.

Surveillance targets individuals, places and properties, or vehicles seen suspect. This, due to credible information linking them to criminal or otherwise inappropriate activities. Private security may conduct surveillance operations that are either permanent or movable in character. Also, it may require a variety of monitoring technology to improve the officers’ or operatives’ visual or auditory capabilities.

Moreover, it can entail the recording of incidents, places, days, times, and trends in actions or behaviors. Additionally, it includes listening in on phone or person talks as well as electronic notes between people or groups of people via email or instant messaging. The majority of the time, surveillance is done covertly and with permission.

Monitoring often entails the regular recording of events for accounting or troubleshooting purposes. To assist ensure public safety and security, surveillance is used in open public areas like airports, shopping centers, and other locations where big crowds gather.

Access Control and Alarm Systems

Physical security must include access control in order to protect people, property, and data. But even the most advanced visitor management systems, biometric scanners, and video software are entirely useless if the users do not adhere to any norms. Access control is a security feature that decides who should have access to what information or physical spaces. Also, access control comes in two types: logical and physical.

Turnstiles, barriers, key card entrance, alarm systems, as well as security guards are examples of physical access control. Basically, anything that would keep someone from heading somewhere they should not.

Logical access control is based on information. It includes credentials, dual-factor authentication, and all other mechanisms for protecting digital information, such as employee records or tax returns. Alarm systems fall into this range and private security can be in charge of these processes.

Regulations and Licensing for Private Security in Dubai

role of private security

The PBSD or Private Security Business Department oversee private security in the UAE. You can travel to the United Arab Emirates, receive a PSBD security license, and begin employment if you are in good health and psychologically stable and finish your upper secondary school.

You are qualified to take the Government Security Guard Licensing Test after finishing the PSBD security officer training and the training course. This allows you to complete the procedure by receiving your security guard license.

Also, there is the SIRA license. In order to pass the private security licensure exam and learn security-related skills, SIRA training is a requirement for private security personnel in the UAE. The SCTC is the name of the SIRA’s training facility. Therefore, this facility serves as the location for all training and tests.

When someone wants to work as a security guard, they must complete the SIRA training. They do it as a result to earn their SIRA license. Therefore, the SIRA license Dubai is the stamp of acceptance for the security procedures you will implement. If your company provides a public service where the need for personal security arises, SIRA inspectors will evaluate your services or facilities and, if they deem them to be adequate, will grant you a certificate. Additionally, SIRA grants certificates to Dubai-based security firms, including those that provide IT security or security guard placement.

Benefits of Hiring Private Security Services in Dubai

  • Reduce liability: If you hire a private security company to handle your security requirements, any decisions made by their staff will not have an impact on your company. It’s a significant matter to train somebody to carry a permit and a gun, and our team is adept at supplying the right candidates.
  • Prevent crime: The role of private security is to prevent crime. They will dissuade anyone who poses a threat to the safety of your personnel, which is something they deserve. With guards and meticulous plans of attack, our staff can also assist you in being better equipped to react swiftly to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Security breach response: You will not need to figure it out if you have a skilled team of security experts. Private security can be on the spot to provide you advice on what actions to take and where to intervene if necessary. All essential interactions with authorities or additional emergency service personnel are in the hands of professionals.
Get Emirati Guard customized security solution for your business and individuals

Obtain top-notch private security in the UAE with Emirati Guard. If you want to start protecting your business or your family, get in touch with us. Send us an email with your needs at Also, you can give us a call at +971 43 316 688.

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SIRA Training Fees, Application form & Training (2023)

The regulating body that checks to determine if private security firms and employees are abiding by Dubai law is the SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority). Therefore, the SIRA training centers in the UAE provide basic security guard instruction for people who want to work as security guards there.

In this article, we will be explaining everything about SIRA training, including SIRA training modules, fees, application, and more. You are able to apply for instruction and receive a security guard permit in Dubai regardless of the sort of visa you have, including a residence, tourist, or visitation visa. Let us see:

1. What do you Mean by SIRA Training?

2. Who are eligible and required to take SIRA Training?

3. What is the fee for SIRA Training?

4. How to Apply for SIRA Training?

5. Why Emirati Guard?

What Do you Mean by SIRA Training?

sira training

Private security guards in the UAE must complete SIRA training since it prepares them for the private security licensing exam and teaches them security-related skills.

The SIRA’s training center is called the Security Cadre Training Centre SCTC. Hence, all training and exams are conducted in this facility.

Consequently, the SIRA’s standard policy must be followed by all security organizations, and private security companies are not permitted to deploy security staff to carry out their responsibilities without a current SIRA license.

Therefore, any security guard employed by an organization without a current SIRA license would be subject to a fine for both the employer and the guard.

SIRA offers a variety of training programs relating to safety and security, accordingly, some of which include:

  • Training for security dogs.
  • Trading in safe transportation vehicles.
  • Vehicle preparation for safe transport.
  • Studies and Consultancies in Security.
  • Operations and Monitoring Center.
  • Installation and upkeep of security and surveillance systems.
  • Property Guard Services.
  • Party security services and private guarding.
  • Trading alarm equipment and security control.
  • Important Transportation Services.
  • Services for security control and monitoring.

What is the SIRA Training for?

The SIRA training is an activity that people do when they want to become security guards. Consequently, they do it to obtain their SIRA license.

The SIRA license Dubai is, therefore, the seal of approval for the security measures you have put in place. SIRA inspectors will assess your services or premises and, if they find them to be suitable, will issue you a certificate if your firm offers a public service in which the requirement for personal security arises. Additionally, SIRA also issues certificates to security companies in Dubai, including those for placing security guards or IT security.

Thus, this organization’s obligations are:

  • Granting security personnel and security firms licenses.
  • Enforce rules and regulations.
  • Exams and training for security guards.
  • Penalize organizations and people that disregard their rules.

SIRA will approve a number of licenses in a variety of areas. Consequently, the authorization is available to the following categories:

Approval of Security Licenses: This entity gives SIRA license Dubai to:

  • Event security personnel.
  • Cash security personnel.
  • Operators of CCTV cameras.
  • Engineers and technicians in security systems.
  • Security experts, inspectors, supervisors, trainers, and managers are all available.

Approval of Companies Security Licenses

SIRA grants a SIRA license to businesses who provide the following items:

  • Offices of management.
  • Store for precious metals.
  • Manufacturing and selling of precious jewels and metals
  • Offices in gold.
  • Self-storages.
  • Warehouses for precious materials
  • Financial entities with monetary value.

Individuals Services Approval

Individuals working with these services in the UAE can receive a SIRA license:

  • Training for security dogs
  • Vehicle transportation that is safe.
  • Vehicle preparation for safe transportation.
  • Consultancies and security schools
  • Monitoring services and operation centers
  • Installation and maintenance of security and surveillance devices
  • Property security services.
  • Private protection.
  • Stores that sell security and alarm equipment.
  • Transportation of money and valuables.
  • Building safety.

Who is Eligible and Required to take SIRA Training?

A current SIRA license is necessary to serve as a security officer in Dubai. As a result, SIRA will award you a professional security guard certification after you have completed a week of training.

Because security guards in other emirates such as Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Umm Al Quwain must obtain a PSCOD license, the SIRA law only applies to Dubai.

The license is not subject to any special visa restrictions. This course is open to people with residence visas, as well as travelers and visitors.

Although there is no upper age limit for participation, applicants must be physically and mentally fit. 

In the UAE, the maximum and minimum age for a security guard is 55 – 21 years old, and the same is true for SIRA candidates.

What is the Fee for SIRA Training?

The SIRA training fees 2022 vary based on the training course taken to get the license. As a result, here is a list of the most prevalent training courses and their prices:

  • Security manager training: AED 5.000
  • Basic security guard course: AED 1.000
  • Security supervisor: AED 4.000
  • Security equipment engineer: AED 5.000
  • Event guard protection: AED 550
  • Security equipment technician: AED 3.000
  • Security equipment operator: AED 4.000
  • First aid training: AED 210
  • Security system operator: AED 3.000

The SIRA training course fee must be paid at the SCTC office. As a result, the following payment options are available:

  • Cheque with a current date.
  • Receipt of a bank deposit
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted.

What are the Requirements to do a SIRA training Course?

Even if you are in the country on a tourist visa, you can register for SIRA and technical training courses. In order to earn a credential for your industry job search, this may therefore be helpful. There are no additional requirements for applying for a permit in the security sector. You can thereafter enroll in entry-level classes whenever you like.

However, you must possess the required expertise if you would like to apply for an expert SIRA license. To put it differently, you need to develop some security knowledge before you can work as a security officer, CCTV controller, or security manager. You will not be capable of applying for the SIRA license until that time.

How to Apply for SIRA Training?

sira training

There are two options to start your SIRA training modules.

  • A security firm sends you for instruction

You could be hired by the security company in Dubai from the UAE or from your home nation. In short, your employers will register for training when you land in Dubai; it will be up to you to receive classes and complete the SIRA exam. Candidates do their training and take their exam at the SIRA Cadre Training Center (SCTC).

  • Get training on your own

The second alternative is to independently apply for and pay for the SIRA training. Subsequently, by showing up at the SIRA military academy, you can enroll for the training. You have to agree to the instruction appointment date and show up for the meeting. Therefore, you will be able to apply for a security guard certification in Dubai after completing the training.

The procedures to choose a SIRA training certificate in the UAE are as follows:

  • If the process is new to you, you must first submit an application for a new user account.
  • then enter your email address while registering.
  • As a result, upload the reports and digitally sign the form using the e-Services system.
  • Use one of the many payment options available on the page to complete your transaction after that.
  • Once that’s done, examine the SIRA training application form to check that you gave the correct information.

Process for SIRA Security Training

A weeklong, 36-hour training session is necessary for all newly hired security personnel. 60% of the training consists of theoretical lectures, while 40% is practical. As a result, you will learn the following skills:

  • Definition and goals of the security industry.
  • Systems and procedures for emergencies.
  • Crime scene and evidence preservation.
  • Effectiveness of access control and patrolling.
  • Search your automobile and your property.
  • Requirements for the well-being of workers.
  • Dealing with emergencies.
  • Criteria for safety and fire protection.
  • Effective communication and client service.
  • First aid guidelines.
  • Criminal charges.
  • Putting out fires and handling disputes.
  • Defending both oneself and others when necessary.

What Occurs Following the SIRA training?

Following their training, students must pass a variety of exams, including:

Exercise Test

There are five distinct physical examinations available to determine whether a person is healthy and fit to execute duty at any time and under any circumstance:

  • Beep test: This test gauges an individual’s level of aerobic fitness. In order to return to the beginning location on the beeping sound, the candidate must traverse the 20-meter longer distance. Up to 32 rounds are possible in total.
  • Jumping test: The contestant must clear 1.7-meter-high bars in a jumping test. To pass this test, you must clear six to seven bars. Thus, this part of the SIRA’s training is straightforward. Without any problems, you can perform a straightforward practice before engaging in training.
  • Sled push: This test requires the candidate to move a sled from one location to another while doing so in just four seconds and just ten meters apart.
  • Sled pull: These are the opposite of sled pushes. In six seconds, you must bring the sled back to five meters.
  • Sprinting exam: You must run 35 meters in 6 seconds to pass this test.

Writing Exam

You must respond to the test’s questions in order to receive your SIRA license. Most of the questions are based on the topics you covered throughout the course. Finally, you must properly answer 60% of the questions in order to pass the written component of the exam.

Oral Assessment

Your speaking and listening skills are extensively evaluated in class by the teacher using questions. Therefore, talk properly and gently to communicate with the instructor. When engaging with the general public, each security officer should be assured and balanced. The trainer assesses your character and zones of strength as a result of this exam.

If you complete all of the tests, you will be given a certificate of completion of the course and a SIRA permit Dubai. Consequently, for those looking to work in security, working as a security officer in Dubai could be the best choice. Therefore, being proficient in your field will enable you to excel in that field because SIRA training is intended to help you become a competent security guard.

What are the Training Centers in Dubai?

  • Aman Secutity Training: security and safety course, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • First Security Group: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • CASS: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • World Training Centre: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • International Centre for Security & Safety: security and safety course, dealing with persons of determination, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.

Why Emirati Guard?

Seeing these SIRA training questions and answers will help you clear your mind of any doubts that you may have. Consequently, our company is here to help you obtain your license after your SIRA training. With us by your side, you can start working as a security guard in the UAE as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for security services in the UAE, we are also here for you. Emirati Guard provides local security services solutions to people looking to protect themselves and their interests. Hence, we provide the following services if you are looking for safeguarding solutions:

Do you want to start your SIRA license process with our support? Contact us right away! Send us an email at or call us at +971 43 316 688. By getting in touch with us, you can improve your finances, security, or business.

In addition, if you are looking for a job in the field, we recommend you to go to Subsequently, there you can find the best open vacancies that can match your qualifications. Lastly, send your resume to and start your process now!

Security Guards

Introduction to Security Companies in Dubai

Due to the strict rules that law enforcement authorities follow without discrimination, Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. Nevertheless, there are several top security companies in Dubai that offer an additional layer of protection for both businesses and individuals. There are several businesses that provide event security in Dubai because the emirate hosts a number of fascinating events throughout the year.

In this article, we will be giving you an introduction to the best security companies in Dubai. Businessmen, celebrities, and high-profile socialites frequently need extra security and protection, hence security companies Dubai also provide personal security services. Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Lets see the best security companies here:

Understanding Security Needs in Dubai

security companies in Dubai

There is always a chance of criminal conduct or disorderly behavior when managing a business or event. As a result, it is critical to pay closer attention to what is happening in your surroundings.

Safety and a feeling of protection are guaranteed by security guards. Crowd management, theft prevention, and general security can all be accomplished by guards. Security guard services are essential for your family, company, personal belongings, and employees.

Here are some of the many benefits of working with a security firm for your personal or professional need:

  • Deter crime: A surefire approach to serve as a visual barrier for any illegal conduct is to have security personnel present. Security guards in the UAE must complete specific instruction before beginning their careers. This instruction covers seeing and identifying any unusual behavior that might have an effect on the neighborhood or nearby civilians. Additionally, employing security will scare any crooks and aid in their deterrence.
  • Sense of security: A security guard offers you comfort if you are managing a business, hosting an event, or require personal safety. People will feel more at rest understanding there is a safety measure in place and that, if necessary an expert worker is on hand to provide protection. In turn, this produces a safe environment for your clients or workers.
  • Crowd control: The safety of your customers depends on you hiring security for areas where your company or event will have big numbers of people. They can also sort through the line of individuals to assist avoid crowding. Security is crucial for adhering to health and safety laws if you are organizing an event with huge crowds of people. preserving appropriate behavior in larger crowds, keeping an eye on traffic flow, and discouraging any risky behaviors.

Detail about the Top 3 Security Companies in Dubai

Before we go onto detail about the best security companies in Dubai, we will help you with some details you must know before hiring one. You should work with Dubai’s top security firm and obtain Dubai security services if you want your safety to be guaranteed. Use the suggestions below as a help while making your decision.

  • Check for insurance and proper licenses: Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Additionally, you want to confirm the insurance status of their security workers. This protects you and guarantees that they will be paid in the case of any situation that may arise.
  • Specialization and experience: Choose a service provider with professional security personnel. The majority of businesses list the qualifications of their employees along with the training they have received on their websites. In addition to experience, you ought to pick a security firm that specializes in the kind of security you require. Some have security staff with specializations in private security, security for special occasions, or security for buildings like hotels, malls, and schools. Even if employing them could be more expensive than other options, it is advisable to select highly trained and competent guards when it pertains to your protection.
  • Know their reputation: To limit your security partner possibilities, read online reviews. You may quickly learn about their level of service quality from this phase. You can also request references from your company contact if you want to be certain. The people they were working for will be more than happy to recommend them if their safety procedures are actually excellent.

Now, here are the top 3 best security companies in Dubai:

Emirati Guard

Emirati Guard is a strong security guard service provider in the UAE. We have been providing our top-notch Dubai security services for a few years. Consequently, giving our customers the tools and resources they need to instate security for them, their families, or their business.

Our goal is to give our clients security and safety through an exclusive service that interacts with Emiratis, hence increasing their sense of security and dependability to their unique demands. Our primary concerns are ultimately the protection and safety of the client’s personnel, facilities, assets, and general public.

Company Background and History

Emirati Guard was founded to satisfy the demand for upscale, luxurious safety services among UAE’s private, corporate, and government clients. The high expectations of citizens and tourists to the UAE continue to be the cornerstone of everything we do.

We are dedicated to giving you Emirati Guards for your opulent way of life. By investing in and developing our most important resource, our team, we aim to meet all of our goals and go above and beyond for our clients. Our goal is to earn our clients’ trust by offering the best security services accessible in the UAE and upholding high standards.

Services Offered and Specialization

Estate protection, executive protection, luxury security services, and cash security solutions are just a few of the excellent services we provide. Most of the highly qualified individuals we use to defend our clients are chosen from military units, professional associations, and law enforcement groups.

Our high-profile clients include public leaders, wealthy people and their families, entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as celebrities and entertainment companies.

Above all else, we place a high importance on mutual respect, truthfulness, integrity, and altruism. Due to the fact that our staff members are UAE nationals, we have a rich and encouraging environment where personal growth can blossom. We hold ourselves responsible to our clients, staff, and partners by keeping our promises, delivering on our promises, and continually striving to provide the best luxury security services.

Rann Security

One of the top security companies in Dubai is RANN Security, and for good reason! They are a licensed business, which has helped them maintain their position as one of Dubai’s top 10 security firms. They have more than ten years of expertise, and they are able to provide their clients in the public and private sectors with high-quality protection services and solutions.

Company Background and History

The RANN Group of Companies owns RANN Security. It was founded in 2013. For the proper reasons, our business has been recognized as one of the biggest security guard providers in Dubai. They provide personnel and security solutions that are Licensed, vetted, and properly instructed.

With this attitude, they are able to provide our clients with services that are of the highest caliber. Additionally, it enables them to contribute to making private and public assets in Dubai and all the main UAE cities a secure place to work, live, and relax.

It is not simple to rank among the best private security guard services in Dubai. By treating all of their clients equally, whether they belong to a government agency or a for-profit business, they manage to maintain their position among the top.

Services Offered and Specialization

Since they are aware that not all sites will have exactly the same security challenges, they develop unique safety measures and action plans. This company is able to close even the site(s) of our clients that appear to have imperceptible security gaps thanks to this unique pragmatic technique!

These are the security services they offer in Dubai:

  • Security guard services.
  • Field supervision.
  • Management of seamless safety workflows.
  • Security technology services.
  • Virtual guarding.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Remote Access Control.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Specialized training.


Transguard Group, another prominent name for protection system providers in Dubai, offers a wide range of services to its large customer. Since its founding in 2001, it has landed sizable contracts across the UAE. Among them is the security coordination for major sporting occasions like the IRB Rugby 7s World Cup and Rugby Sevens. Additionally, they were in charge of security for a total of as 17 tents at Expo 2020, the World’s Greatest Show.

Company Background and History

Transguard was set up in 2001, and since then, it has been successfully growing in securing corporate contracts throughout the UAE. Facilities management, manpower services, and security services. The most reputable provider of business assistance and outsourcing in the UAE, Transguard employs more than 61,000 people and is home to a sizable, vibrant, and culturally varying workforce.

Services Offered and Specialization

Their services include:

  • Workforce Solutions.
  • Transguard Living.
  • Transguard Delivery.
  • Taste of Home.
  • Security Services.
  • Manpower Solutions.
  • Managed Services.
  • Hospitality Solutions.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Events Solutions.
  • Cash Services.
  • Aviation Services.


security companies in Dubai

Do you believe that your company should not take security lightly? If so, security services could be the ideal choice for your business. An excellent approach to make sure your business has a sufficient security system set up is to use security services. These security measures will ensure that no risks are hiding around every corner, keeping you and your staff secure.

Choosing security services when they are necessary might be challenging. It is crucial to discover security services you can rely on and feel safe with for your home or company safety requirements. Researching security businesses before entering any contracts or employing the company for services is one approach to achieve this.

Finding a top-notch security company through rigorous research has several advantages over simply choosing one because it felt good at the time. Therefore, if you want support for your security needs it is best to select a company that can give you the real assistance you are looking for.

If you want an all-around security services company in Dubai, Emirati Guard is here for you. Get in touch with us and obtain the help you need to keep your security in place! With us, you will not have to worry about a thing. We can handle any type of situation regarding the security of your business, home, or family. With us you can make the most out of our advantages:

  • Our team will be more cognizant of your requirements and preferences.
  • Since we have local knowledge, we can give better advice on safety precautions for a home or business.
  • Greater comfort in knowing that your property has the proper protection when you are not home thanks to our top-notch security service.

If you want to learn more about security topics, go to our insights section.