How to get SIRA approval for any business?

Currently, many businessmen have established their companies in Dubai, thus making this emirate better known as the land of business. These companies have different missions and business activities. For instance, those companies that are dedicated to security. If you want to establish a company with this mission, you have to know how to get SIRA approval. To obtain this knowledge, you have to continue reading this post.

In this article, you will see all the information you need about SIRA and how to get SIRA approval. The first thing will be to know about the SIRA regulatory body. Subsequently, we will show you all the companies that need the permission of this entity to be able to exercise. In addition, you will see how to quickly get SIRA approval and everything related to the qualities and experiences of SIRA.

  1. Learn more about what SIRA means
  2. Know the list of companies and commercial activities that need approval provided by SIRA
  3. How can you obtain quick approval from SIRA?
  4. Why should people hire professional experts for security?
  5. Contact Emirati Guard and get SIRA-approved security guards now!

1. Learn more about what SIRA means

sira approval

Dubai is in constant evolution, due to which it became a land of business in all aspects. This has caused it to become the home of many industries, producing a great evolution for this sector of the economy. Consequently, there must be an organization that is in charge of ensuring that the sector continues to be safe.

For this reason, in Dubai, there is the Securities Industry Regulatory Authority or SIRA, as its abbreviation indicates. SIRA is established as a governing body that is in charge of regulating the entire security industry within the UAE. In addition, it is based on the values ​​that lead to sustainability, safety, quality, and innovation.

This body aims to build Dubai in such a way that it is a safe city for all people. When referring to businesses established in Dubai, you can realize one thing. This is because some businesses need external approvals so that they can correctly carry out their commercial activities in the country.

2. Know the list of companies and commercial activities that need approval provided by SIRA

2.1 CCTV operator

Those companies that are dedicated to CCTV or Closed Circuit Television; are all those whose commercial activities are to record, store or improve digital images that are transmitted in the cameras of the shops. In addition, there must be an authorized person who is constantly reviewing everything that the security cameras transmit. That is, people who are engaged in the following activities

  • Security systems engineer, and technical
  • Security Auditor, Manager, Supervisor, Manager, Trainer, and Consultant
  • Private Security Companies

These are companies that provide security services to protect the set of assets and real estate, for which they have been hired. Including people engaged in the following activities.

  • Security guard
  • Event security guard
  • Cash in transit guard

2.3 Companies dedicated to the control and storage of valuable assets

This includes all companies whose purpose is the control and storage of precious metals and precious stones. In addition, those companies that handle large sums of money are taken into account. The following companies need the SIRA-approved company in Dubai.

  • Storage
  • Administration offices
  • Monetary financial institutions
  • Golden offices
  • Precious Materials Warehouse
  • Precious goods shops (whose merchandise is worth less than AED 100,000)
  • Manufacture and trade precious metals and precious stones.
  • Precious Commodity Stores (with merchandise worth more than AED 100,000)

2.4 Commercial activities related to security that have the sale or manufacture of precious metals and precious stones

Below, you will see all the business activities of individual services that have to know how to get SIRA approval.

  • Trade in gold, jewels, and precious stones.
  • Trade in unmanufactured gemstones.
  • Guard property services.
  • Security dog ​​training center.
  • Studies and security consultancy.
  • Trade in alarm and security control equipment.
  • Safe transport vehicle trade.
  • Operations center and monitoring services.
  • Security monitoring and control services.
  • Installation and maintenance of security and surveillance systems.
  • Security services for parties and private surveillance.
  • Transport services for money and valuables.

3. How can you obtain quick approval from SIRA?

sira approval

If you plan to deal with any commercial activity, you should keep in mind that you must deal with the different industries that were discussed above. If this is the case, it is necessary that you obtain all necessary approvals from the Securities Industry Regulatory Authority. Additionally, if you do not have any of these approvals, you will not be able to continue the process.

This process can become very difficult due to how complex it can be. Also, dealing with the process internally can be very problematic. The best way that you can avoid all this trouble is to talk about it with a professional business consultant. This person will need to be an expert in the entire business start-up process to help you.

In addition to the above, the professional consultant should have a high knowledge of all legal processes in the UAE. This is very important so that you do not have legal problems during the entire procedure or after it. It is advisable that you always seek experienced professional help in these cases to make the process faster and safer.

3.1 Know everything about how to get a SIRA certificate in Dubai

Currently, in Dubai, many individuals want to work in the security sector. All, these people who wish to be security guards must go through four stages. Firstly, selection, the second is training, the third is the exam and finally, after going through everything, they grant you the license. It is important that you know that it does not matter if you do not work for a security company, you can still become a security guard approved by the SIRA.

The most important step of all the above is training, having a good training gives security to the company that decides to hire your services; to receive it you must follow the following steps.

3.1.1 Step 1

The first step you should do is to enter the official SIRA website. Being there you can choose the course that is your preference.

3.1.2 Step 2

Once you select the course you want to take, it will redirect you to a form that you must fill out. When you finish filling it in, you must send it by mail to This will be received by SIRA, they will review it and if everything goes well, they will respond to you by sending you some guidelines that you must follow for the next step.

3.1.3 Step 3

When you receive approval from SIRA, you must go to the SIRA Cadre Training Center. It is important that you come with the following documents.

  • Form previously filled out.
  • Two passport-size photographs of the applicant.
  • Two photocopies of the applicant’s identity document (both front and back). You can also take two photocopies of your passport.

It is important to note that all people who have a tourist visa in the UAE do not need the identification of the Emirates.

3.1.4 Step 4

Before starting the course, you have to pay the corresponding fee. There are different payment methods and you can choose the one that best suits you. For instance, a bank deposit, a check, a debit, or a credit card.

3.2 Security Experience and Qualification for SIRA

If you wish, SIRA has a SIRA training center that will help you increase your knowledge. In addition, both the courses offered by SIRA and some other vocational courses in the UAE can be applied for mostly with tourist visas. Later, you can use them as additional certificates in case you want to look for work in the country.

When we refer to security, the person does not need to have some classification to take some entry-level courses. However, if you want to take a higher license, you will need to have experience. Both the security supervisor, the CCTV operator, and the security manager need to have security experience for them to get your permit.

Despite this, one can start at the entry-level, such as the SIRA security guard license. You should be aware that in the UAE security industry, it is important that you are in good physical shape. In addition, the age to be allowed to apply for these positions is between 21 and 55 years of age. Otherwise, you will not be able to opt for these courses.

If it is a person who is within the previously established range and enjoys good physical condition; you will be able to apply for SIRA with a tourist visa in Dubai. This will be very helpful to you in the future and will bring you many benefits if you want to work in Dubai. In addition, it can provide you with experience so that you can opt for better courses and jobs in the future.

4. Why should people hire professional experts for security?

All people who want to start a business in Dubai or anywhere in the world need to have security. Especially if you handle valuable merchandise, for the sale or storage of other people’s goods. This group also includes all banking or financial institutions. In summary, all companies that have high-cost assets in their control should count on hiring professional security experts.

In addition, companies highly value confidential information, since generally, this content is about the management of the company. That is company formation details, payroll, accounting, and more. All this information is stored digitally; therefore, it is important to have people who are security experts. Especially, digital security.

Having security experts brings many benefits to the company, which you will see below.

  • It allows the company to have precise planning for the best management of the company.
  • It gives business owners easy execution and safe development in the creation of the company.
  • There is the presence of experts who serve as a guide in each step for the development of the company’s security.
  • It gives employers confidence about what is happening within the company and against possible crime.
  • They grant personalized solutions taking into account the needs and preferences of the business to be developed.
  • You will have access to detailed reports of the events that occur in the company at the time the owner requests them.
  • You will have access to the perspectives and characteristics of the competition since professionals have high knowledge in these matters.

5. Contact Emirati Guard and get SIRA-approved security guards now!

In conclusion, the good development of a company also depends on all the security equipment to which it has access. This is part of the key that guarantees success in the company. In addition, it is important that you know that when you go to hire a company dedicated to security, they have access to the SIRA approval. If you are in search of a good company that provides professional security services, contact Emirati Guard now.

Emirati Guard is a company that is responsible for providing security guard services. All our team has years of experience and SIRA training; which is the best guarantee that your company will be very well protected. If you want to have access to our services, you can call us and get a free consultation at +971 43 316 688. Or write to us at

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[Guide] :SIRA Training: Fees, Application form & Training (2023)

The regulating body that checks to determine if private security firms and employees are abiding by Dubai law is the SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority). Therefore, the SIRA training centers in the UAE provide basic security guard instruction for people who want to work as security guards there.

In this article, we will be explaining everything about SIRA training, including SIRA training modules, fees, application, and more. You are able to apply for instruction and receive a security guard permit in Dubai regardless of the sort of visa you have, including a residence, tourist, or visitation visa. Let us see:

1. What do you Mean by SIRA Training?

2. Who are eligible and required to take SIRA Training?

3. What is the fee for SIRA Training?

4. How to Apply for SIRA Training?

5. Why Emirati Guard?

1. What do you mean by SIRA Training?

sira training

Private security guards in the UAE must complete SIRA training since it prepares them for the private security licensing exam and teaches them security-related skills.

The SIRA’s training center is called the Security Cadre Training Centre SCTC. Hence, all training and exams are conducted in this facility.

Consequently, the SIRA’s standard policy must be followed by all security organizations, and private security companies are not permitted to deploy security staff to carry out their responsibilities without a current SIRA license.

Therefore, any security guard employed by an organization without a current SIRA license would be subject to a fine for both the employer and the guard.

SIRA offers a variety of training programs relating to safety and security, accordingly, some of which include:

  • Training for security dogs.
  • Trading in safe transportation vehicles.
  • Vehicle preparation for safe transport.
  • Studies and Consultancies in Security.
  • Operations and Monitoring Center.
  • Installation and upkeep of security and surveillance systems.
  • Property Guard Services.
  • Party security services and private guarding.
  • Trading alarm equipment and security control.
  • Important Transportation Services.
  • Services for security control and monitoring.

1.1 What is the SIRA training for?

The SIRA training is an activity that people do when they want to become security guards. Consequently, they do it to obtain their SIRA license.

The SIRA license Dubai is, therefore, the seal of approval for the security measures you have put in place. SIRA inspectors will assess your services or premises and, if they find them to be suitable, will issue you a certificate if your firm offers a public service in which the requirement for personal security arises. Additionally, SIRA also issues certificates to security companies in Dubai, including those for placing security guards or IT security.

Thus, this organization’s obligations are:

  • Granting security personnel and security firms licenses.
  • Enforce rules and regulations.
  • Exams and training for security guards.
  • Penalize organizations and people that disregard their rules.

SIRA will approve a number of licenses in a variety of areas. Consequently, the authorization is available to the following categories:

Approval of Security Licenses: This entity gives SIRA license Dubai to:

  • Event security personnel.
  • Cash security personnel.
  • Operators of CCTV cameras.
  • Engineers and technicians in security systems.
  • Security experts, inspectors, supervisors, trainers, and managers are all available.

Approval of Companies Security Licenses

SIRA grants a SIRA license to businesses who provide the following items:

  • Offices of management.
  • Store for precious metals.
  • Manufacturing and selling of precious jewels and metals
  • Offices in gold.
  • Self-storages.
  • Warehouses for precious materials
  • Financial entities with monetary value.

Individuals Services Approval

Individuals working with these services in the UAE can receive a SIRA license:

  • Training for security dogs
  • Vehicle transportation that is safe.
  • Vehicle preparation for safe transportation.
  • Consultancies and security schools
  • Monitoring services and operation centers
  • Installation and maintenance of security and surveillance devices
  • Property security services.
  • Private protection.
  • Stores that sell security and alarm equipment.
  • Transportation of money and valuables.
  • Building safety.

2. Who is eligible and required to take SIRA Training?

A current SIRA license is necessary to serve as a security officer in Dubai. As a result, SIRA will award you a professional security guard certification after you have completed a week of training.

Because security guards in other emirates such as Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Umm Al Quwain must obtain a PSCOD license, the SIRA law only applies to Dubai.

The license is not subject to any special visa restrictions. This course is open to people with residence visas, as well as travelers and visitors.

Although there is no upper age limit for participation, applicants must be physically and mentally fit. 

In the UAE, the maximum and minimum age for a security guard is 55 – 21 years old, and the same is true for SIRA candidates.

3. What is the fee for SIRA Training?

The SIRA training fees 2022 vary based on the training course taken to get the license. As a result, here is a list of the most prevalent training courses and their prices:

  • Security manager training: AED 5.000
  • Basic security guard course: AED 1.000
  • Security supervisor: AED 4.000
  • Security equipment engineer: AED 5.000
  • Event guard protection: AED 550
  • Security equipment technician: AED 3.000
  • Security equipment operator: AED 4.000
  • First aid training: AED 210
  • Security system operator: AED 3.000

The SIRA training course fee must be paid at the SCTC office. As a result, the following payment options are available:

  • Cheque with a current date.
  • Receipt of a bank deposit
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted.

3.1 What are the requirements to do a SIRA training course?

Even if you are in the country on a tourist visa, you can register for SIRA and technical training courses. In order to earn a credential for your industry job search, this may therefore be helpful. There are no additional requirements for applying for a permit in the security sector. You can thereafter enroll in entry-level classes whenever you like.

However, you must possess the required expertise if you would like to apply for an expert SIRA license. To put it differently, you need to develop some security knowledge before you can work as a security officer, CCTV controller, or security manager. You will not be capable of applying for the SIRA license until that time.

4. How to apply for SIRA Training?

sira training

There are two options to start your SIRA training modules.

  • A security firm sends you for instruction

You could be hired by the security company in Dubai from the UAE or from your home nation. In short, your employers will register for training when you land in Dubai; it will be up to you to receive classes and complete the SIRA exam. Candidates do their training and take their exam at the SIRA Cadre Training Center (SCTC).

  • Get training on your own

The second alternative is to independently apply for and pay for the SIRA training. Subsequently, by showing up at the SIRA military academy, you can enroll for the training. You have to agree to the instruction appointment date and show up for the meeting. Therefore, you will be able to apply for a security guard certification in Dubai after completing the training.

The procedures to choose a SIRA training certificate in the UAE are as follows:

  • If the process is new to you, you must first submit an application for a new user account.
  • then enter your email address while registering.
  • As a result, upload the reports and digitally sign the form using the e-Services system.
  • Use one of the many payment options available on the page to complete your transaction after that.
  • Once that’s done, examine the SIRA training application form to check that you gave the correct information.

4.1 Process for SIRA security training

A weeklong, 36-hour training session is necessary for all newly hired security personnel. 60% of the training consists of theoretical lectures, while 40% is practical. As a result, you will learn the following skills:

  • Definition and goals of the security industry.
  • Systems and procedures for emergencies.
  • Crime scene and evidence preservation.
  • Effectiveness of access control and patrolling.
  • Search your automobile and your property.
  • Requirements for the well-being of workers.
  • Dealing with emergencies.
  • Criteria for safety and fire protection.
  • Effective communication and client service.
  • First aid guidelines.
  • Criminal charges.
  • Putting out fires and handling disputes.
  • Defending both oneself and others when necessary.

4.2 What occurs following the SIRA training?

Following their training, students must pass a variety of exams, including:

4.2.1 Exercise Test

There are five distinct physical examinations available to determine whether a person is healthy and fit to execute duty at any time and under any circumstance:

  • Beep test: This test gauges an individual’s level of aerobic fitness. In order to return to the beginning location on the beeping sound, the candidate must traverse the 20-meter longer distance. Up to 32 rounds are possible in total.
  • Jumping test: The contestant must clear 1.7-meter-high bars in a jumping test. To pass this test, you must clear six to seven bars. Thus, this part of the SIRA’s training is straightforward. Without any problems, you can perform a straightforward practice before engaging in training.
  • Sled push: This test requires the candidate to move a sled from one location to another while doing so in just four seconds and just ten meters apart.
  • Sled pull: These are the opposite of sled pushes. In six seconds, you must bring the sled back to five meters.
  • Sprinting exam: You must run 35 meters in 6 seconds to pass this test.

4.2.2 Writing Exam

You must respond to the test’s questions in order to receive your SIRA license. Most of the questions are based on the topics you covered throughout the course. Finally, you must properly answer 60% of the questions in order to pass the written component of the exam.

4.2.3 Oral Assessment

Your speaking and listening skills are extensively evaluated in class by the teacher using questions. Therefore, talk properly and gently to communicate with the instructor. When engaging with the general public, each security officer should be assured and balanced. The trainer assesses your character and zones of strength as a result of this exam.

If you complete all of the tests, you will be given a certificate of completion of the course and a SIRA permit Dubai. Consequently, for those looking to work in security, working as a security officer in Dubai could be the best choice. Therefore, being proficient in your field will enable you to excel in that field because SIRA training is intended to help you become a competent security guard.

4.3 What are the training centers in Dubai?

  • Aman Secutity Training: security and safety course, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • First Security Group: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • CASS: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • World Training Centre: security and safety course, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.
  • International Centre for Security & Safety: security and safety course, dealing with persons of determination, firefighting training, exams, and fitness training and tests.

5. Why Emirati Guard?

Seeing these SIRA training questions and answers will help you clear your mind of any doubts that you may have. Consequently, our company is here to help you obtain your license after your SIRA training. With us by your side, you can start working as a security guard in the UAE as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you are looking for security services in the UAE, we are also here for you. Emirati Guard provides local security services solutions to people looking to protect themselves and their interests. Hence, we provide the following services if you are looking for safeguarding solutions:

Do you want to start your SIRA license process with our support? Contact us right away! Send us an email at or call us at +971 43 316 688. By getting in touch with us, you can improve your finances, security, or business.

In addition, if you are looking for a job in the field, we recommend you to go to Subsequently, there you can find the best open vacancies that can match your qualifications. Lastly, send your resume to and start your process now!

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SIRA License Dubai, UAE: Cost, Validity & Requirements

The United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, has become a growing hub for companies. With the constantly increasing number of businesses, the need for security is now higher than ever. As a result, many qualified Emiratis are looking to enter the security industry, and, to do so, they require the SIRA license.

In this article, you will learn about the SIRA license, its cost, validity, and the requirements to acquire one. Accessing this license is not as difficult as it may seem and here we will give you access to the information you need to go through this process in no time.

  1. What is a SIRA license in Dubai?
  2. What are the requirements for a SIRA license?
  3. How much does a SIRA License cost in UAE?
  4. SIRA license in Dubai: how to obtain it?
  5. How can Emirati Guard services help you?

1. What is a SIRA license in Dubai?

SIRA license

In Dubai, UAE, SIRA stands for Security Industry Regulatory Authority. The Dubai Government implemented it in 2016 to monitor security measures, to make sure that Dubai is the safest city, and to certify suitable individuals for security jobs. Before SIRA, all of these activities were managed by the Dubai Police Department’s Department of Protective System.

As a result, the SIRA license Dubai is the stamp of approval for the security preparations you have implemented. If your business provides a public service where the need for personal security arises, SIRA inspectors will examine your facilities or services and, if they deem them to be suitable, will award you a certificate. Security firms in Dubai can also obtain certificates from SIRA, such as those for installing IT security or security guards.

The responsibilities of this entity are:

  • Providing licenses to security guards and security companies.
  • Enforce regulations and guidelines.
  • Train security guards and take exams.
  • Penalize entities and individuals violating their regulations.

1.1 Types of approvals provided by SIRA

SIRA will approve several licenses that are granted in many categories. The following categories are eligible for the authorization:

Security Licenses Approval: this entity provides SIRA license Dubai to:

  • Event security guards.
  • Cash security guards.
  • CCTV operators.
  • Security systems engineers and technicians.
  • Security consultants, auditors, managers, trainers, and supervisors.

Companies Security Licenses Approval: SIRA provides a SIRA license to companies that provide the following services:

  • Management offices.
  • Precious commodities store.
  • Precious gemstones and metals manufacturing and trading.
  • Gold offices.
  • Self-storages.
  • Precious materials warehouses.
  • Monetary financial entities.

Individuals Services Approval: SIRA license can be obtained by individuals that work with these services in the UAE:

  • Security dog training.
  • Safe transportation of vehicles.
  • Preparation of vehicles for safe transport.
  • Security schools and consultancies.
  • Operation centers and monitoring services.
  • Security and surveillance systems installation and maintenance.
  • Property guard services.
  • Private security.
  • Security control and alarm equipment stores.
  • Money and valuables transportation services.
  • Security control and monitoring services.
  • Building security.

2. What are the requirements for an SIRA license?

You can apply for SIRA and vocational courses even if you have a tourist visa. Therefore, this can be useful for obtaining a certificate for your job search in this industry. You do not need any additional qualifications to apply for a license in the security industry. Subsequently, you can also take entry-level courses at your leisure.

However, if you want to apply for an advanced SIRA license, you must have the necessary experience. To put it another way, whether you want to work as a security guard, CCTV operator, or security manager, you must first gain some security expertise. Only then will you be allowed to apply for the SIRA license.

For example, security consultants require a security advisor certificate and ten years of experience in the area; in the same way, money transport guards and security guards require a course certificate, firefighting certificate, first aid certificate, and certificate for dealing with special needs. On the other hand, security trainers and managers need at least five years of experience in the business and security courses in their particular areas.

You can choose entry-level licenses if you do not want to get an advanced-level certificate. Nevertheless, the person must be fit to work in the UAE’s security sector. Accordingly, the industry has a 21–55 age range restriction as well. In short, you can opt for a SIRA license Dubai if you are fit and healthy and within the age restrictions. However, be sure to consider your visa type before submitting an application for the license.

2.1 What documents do I need to obtain a SIRA license?

The most important thing is to submit all the required paperwork on time when applying for a SIRA license. These documents include:

  • Color photo, passport copy, Emirates ID, and residency visa (if necessary).
  • Certificate of good conduct and medical fitness certificate.
  • Resume or CV, certified training courses, certificate of work experience, and attested educational qualifications.

3. How much Does SIRA license cost in UAE?

The SIRA certificate cost varies depending on the training course that the person does to obtain said license. Consequently, there is a list of the most common courses and their cost:

  • Security manager – AED 5.000.
  • Basic course for security guards – AED 1.000.
  • Security supervisor – AED 4.000.
  • Security equipment engineer – AED 5.000.
  • Event guard security – AED 550.
  • Security equipment technician – AED 3.000.
  • Security equipment operator – AED 4.000.
  • First aid training – AED 210.
  • Security system operator – AED 3.000.

You must pay the SIRA training course fee at the SCTC office. Hence, the following payment methods are available:

  • Current dated cheque.
  • Bank deposit receipt.
  • Debit and credit cards.

4. SIRA license in Dubai: how to obtain it?

SIRA license

In Dubai, there are two ways to apply for a SIRA license Dubai. Accordingly, the license can be obtained without having a specific visa. Visitors with tourist visas as well as those with resident visas can apply for this course and obtain the SIRA certificate UAE.

The first way is to be sent to do the training and get a license from a security company in Dubai. Therefore, your employer will apply for training when you arrive in Dubai; it will be up to you to attend training and pass the SIRA exam.

The other way is to get your SIRA license in Dubai by yourself. Consequently, you might think about dealing with a Dubai business formation specialist who can help you navigate this process. The UAE’s legal processes are quite rigorous. Thus, working with business advisors with subject knowledge might therefore aid you in the application procedure.

The following are the processes to opt for a SIRA certificate in the UAE:

  • Firstly, you must apply for a new user account if you are unfamiliar with the procedure.
  • Then, register with your email address.
  • Therefore, in the e-Services system, submit the reports and electronically sign the form.
  • Subsequently, pay using one of the numerous payment methods offered on the page.
  • After that is finished, review the application’s structure to determine whether or not you provided the right information.

4.1 How is the process for SIRA license security training?

All newly hired security guards are required to complete a weeklong, 36-hour training program. Throughout the training, there are 60% theoretical classes and 40% practical sessions. Consequently, you will acquire the following abilities:

  • Description and objectives of the security sector.
  • Emergency protocols and systems.
  • Preservation of crime scenes and evidence.
  • Patrolling and access control effectiveness.
  • Conduct car and property searches.
  • Requirements for workplace health and safety.
  • Managing emergencies.
  • Fire protection and safety requirements.
  • Effective customer service and communication.
  • First aid protocols.
  • Criminal prosecution.
  • Firefighting and conflict management.
  • Protection of others and themselves in emergencies.

4.2 What happens after the SIRA training?

After finishing the training, students are required to take different tests:

Physical Test

To evaluate whether a candidate is fit and healthy to perform duty at any moment and in any situation, there are five different physical exams available:

  • Beep test: the beep test is used to determine aerobic capacity. As a result, the candidate must cross the 20-meter-longer space and return to the starting place on the beeping sound. It is repeated up to 32 times.
  • Jumping test: the contender must jump the 1.7-meter-high bars. You must cross six to seven bars to pass this test. This is a simple portion of the SIRA’s training. You can do a simple practice before going to training without any difficulties.
  • Sled push: this is another sort of exam in which the candidate must push a sled from one spot to another within four seconds while the distance between the points is just ten meters.
  • Sled pulls: it is the inverse of the sled push. You must return the sled to five meters in six seconds.
  • Sprinting test: in this test you have to complete 35 meters in six seconds while running.

Written Test

Before obtaining your SIRA license, you must provide answers to the questions on the written test. The majority of the questions are drawn from the subjects that you studied throughout the course. Lastly, to pass the written portion of the test, you must receive 60% of the questions correctly.

Oral Evaluation

The teacher carefully assesses your listening and speaking abilities in a class by posing questions. Therefore, to communicate effectively with the instructor, speak slowly and clearly. Each security guard should be confident and well-balanced when interacting with the general population. Due to this assessment, the instructor determines your personality and areas of strength.

You will receive a certificate of course completion and a SIRA license Dubai if you pass every single test. Operating as a security guard in Dubai may be the finest option for those seeking a career in the security field. SIRA training is designed to become a qualified security guard, therefore being competent in your area will help you succeed in that field.

4.3 How can I renew my SIRA license?

If your SIRA certificate UAE expires, you should think about renewing it. As a result, business consultants can assist you with the complete renewal process. To renew their SIRA license, individuals must take the following steps:

  • For access to the official website, first enter the current password.
  • Then, complete the electronic form with the necessary documentation.
  • Next, pay the fee with the method of your choice.
  • You must submit the license for approval since you are renewing it.
  • Then, you can use all the services at that point and finish the renewal process.

In the end, obtaining a license from the Security Industry Regulatory Authority can be an overwhelming process. There is too much paperwork to deal with and it can get difficult, especially if you are a foreigner. Consequently, if you are looking to join the top security guard agency in the United Arab Emirates you can turn to us.

5. How can Emirati Guard services help you?

Emirati Guard can give you the support you want to obtain security guard services in no time. We have the necessary experience to provide you with the right team of security guards to protect you and your interests. Allow us to give you a helping hand and assist you in your quest for protecting yourself, your building, or your cash.  

You can easily hire our solutions and we will do the most to provide our renowned security guard services. With us by your side, you do not have to worry about your security as we will take that matter into our own hands. Let us give you the security team you deserve, so you can feel safe and sound at all times in the United Arab Emirates.

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