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The Role of Security at Events in Dubai

Event management must consider security companies in Dubai in today’s safety-conscious atmosphere. This, to ensure the protection and convenience of all guests, events such as meetings, shows, and corporate gatherings require administration and planning. Due to the city’s burgeoning event scene and frequent activities, event security is a must in the area.

In this article, we will be talking about the importance of event security in the UAE. Event security should now be a routine service provided for every event. We strongly advise you to hire security guard for event to make sure guests are at rest, safe, and avoid getting any unexpected surprises at your upcoming gathering..

What is Event Security?

event security in dubai

Event management and planning are difficult tasks. It necessitates extensive administration, planning, and preparation. The last component that needs to go wrong with so numerous issues to worry about is the venue’s security for the event. The safety of the attendees and the effective administration of the event depend on the event’s security.

You have the choice to select event security while organizing an event to take responsibility of the venue’s requirements for security and safety. The overall impression of the attendees at the event gets better by the event security guard services in Dubai. Security strategies, risk analysis, threat and vulnerability prevention, and many other issues are handled by these services. Security service personnel receive training to respond to emergencies and maintain order by bringing things under control.

Event security personnel come in a variety of forms:

  • Charity security: Perhaps when you think of an event, security is not the first thing that comes to mind. To help address the massive under-reporting of serious incidents, charity event security exists. Risk can take many different shapes at charitable events. They typically offer alcohol, are ticket-only events, frequently have children wandering around, and where auctions take place to earn money. It is possible that many expensive goods will be there. Together, these risk factors may produce a general hazard level that necessitates supervision.
  • Sports events: These events need a security crew that has been instructed to the highest standards, skilled in protecting athletic events, and equipped with extra abilities like entry point and parking lot security, knowledge of counterterrorism, crowd management, and first aid.
  • Corporate events: They need tighter security since wealthy individuals frequently attend them and are an alluring target for those with bad intentions. Additionally, events may entail the exclusive exchange of ideas, necessitating the use of stringent attendee lists.

Importance of Security in Events:

Why is security guard important at events? In a variety of venues throughout the nation, celebrations, concerts, and other activities are once again on the calendar. Large event organizers must take into account a number of health precautions. To secure the attendees and provide open events for everyone to enjoy, they must be especially diligent in their security methods and procedures.

Event organizers must take special security precautions for large gatherings and events into consideration. If security measures are not taken, crowds can easily spiral out of control. Event managers run the danger of being held liable for injuries that occur on the property, which might harm your reputation as well.

Do not overlook professional security services whether you are planning a large-scale event, music concert, or private party. You can make sure that your visitors have a good time. While also ensuring everybody remains safe and secure by putting some effort in at the beginning.

Ensuring Safety and Well-Being

People attend gatherings to enjoy tasty treats, unwind, socialize, network, and dance their cares away. No one would want to go to a party where they had to often oversee the parking lot to make sure their car was still there, wherever it was parked.

Officers who provide event security fill in this gap by providing a false sense of security.

Security of the guests is a key priority for the organizers, demonstrated by the presence of guards at the venue. Attendees feel confident that they are safe and that professionals are constantly keeping an eye on their property.

Just having security personnel at your event will dissuade thieves from targeting your guests or intruding into their automobiles. And as we have already mentioned, skilled security experts are able to recognize individuals who pose a threat to public safety. Additionally, they are in touch with law enforcement officials who can help neutralize threats before they develop into larger problems.

You can improve the security of your possessions and valuables by hiring professional security services from a top security company in Dubai. Security professionals with training are able to both prevent potential risks like loss or illicit entry and respond to them.

Professional protection services have years of experience in the security industry, making them effective at handling any security issue that may arise. In addition, they use cutting-edge security systems to monitor and safeguard your assets and property.

Managing Crowd Control

If crowd control is not properly implemented, large events can swiftly degenerate into pandemonium.

To maintain order and guarantee that visitors arrive and leave the site quietly, event guards station themselves at the entrances and exits. They assist in maintaining proper queues so that nobody feels excluded. You can also use their services to verify tickets and check the guest list for any gatecrashers. The chances of audience attention are higher for uniformed event security workers than for your typical team.

In an emergency, security staff can also assist with crown control. They control pandemonium by ensuring that attendees depart the area quickly enough. They receive instruction on how to handle situations like fire mishaps, possible acts of terrorism, building collapses, and overcrowded crowds while minimizing casualties.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

In order to prevent unwanted entrance, the area surrounding the event location must be secured with fences, obstacles, and security guards. Another crucial component of event security is access control, which makes sure that only authorized individuals can enter the location. Identity checks, luggage inspections and metal detectors are just a few examples of access control procedures.

Hiring Professional Security Services

Security guard firms in Dubai offer a range of services, from managing entrance gates at trade shows to providing leaders with discreet protection during international conferences. Aside from physical security, these services also provide data protection and safety for tech-focused events. Their aptitude for creating distinctive security plans enhances the effectiveness of events, enhancing both visitor satisfaction and safety.

In the world of event management, it is critical to be ready to face unforeseen obstacles. Private security is vital to emergency response and management. In the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster, or safety violation, security guard companies in Dubai are trained to respond swiftly and effectively, reducing any injuries. Their ability to handle situations improves by cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. Through proactive risk assessment and backup planning, private security makes event guests feel more secure.

The private security industry Dubai is always evolving. This is because of developments in technology. It is evident from the Dubai security guard firm that the security industry in Dubai is setting the bar for integrating cutting-edge technologies. These advancements, which include biometric access control and AI-powered monitoring systems, boost the efficacy and accuracy of security measures.

These developments increase the general event security and demonstrate the commitment of security guard companies in Dubai to staying ahead of emerging risks. As technology develops, the synergistic connection between human abilities and cutting-edge machinery becomes even more important for successful event management.

If you want to ensure everyone’s safety, calm, and a flawless experience, it is crucial to understand the function event security plays. So, how do you secure an event? By hiring professional security services in Dubai. They will safeguard participants giving event managers peace of mind.

Event Security Personnel Roles and Responsibilities

Event security personnel are typically entrusted with keeping an eye on security cameras and remaining on-site to monitor the event’s atmosphere. They must also be equipped to handle any difficulties or circumstances that may arise. They will typically employ methods to defuse tense situations.

Event Security Manager

Together with local government agents, private safety guard firms offer event protection to make your gatherings safe and secure.

In order to prevent criminal activity and safety risks, event security officers receive instruction to provide specific safety services for your events.

The management of event security includes securing visitors from any outside or inside threats. It also comprises security staff locating, tracking, and reporting incidents involving security for immediate analysis of alerts regarding security.

Event security is crucial to ensure that the event runs well and that neither internal nor external threats put the security or safety of those in attendance in jeopardy. Numerous accidents happen during both small-scale and large-scale events around the globe, costing lives and giving rise to legal claims for damages. Many of these sad situations are the result of event safety management staff security mistakes.

The administration of event security is incredibly important to avoid losses of human life, damage to public property, and crowd control problems. A medical emergency could also occur, and unruly visitors could become a bother to other guests. The event security team is in charge of handling all these circumstances, and they must use all their expertise in order to make the site as secure and without danger as feasible for the event guests.

Security Guards: Frontline Personnel

You want someone at your gathering or event who is competent and knows how to manage the situation effectively in the unfortunate occurrence of an emergency. Security guards are trained in a number of subjects, such as emergency security procedures and elementary first aid. The security officers on duty will respond first in the event of a crime, medical emergency, or fire.

Some of their roles include:

  • Prevention: To strive to avert an emergency situation appears to be one of a security guard’s most important responsibilities. Security officers should monitor the area with alertness and attention to the property’s security. Security guards must visually check fire extinguishers to make sure they are not malfunctioning or even expiring in the event of a fire.
  • Phone calls: When an emergency occurs on the property, the security guards must make sure to call the appropriate person after verifying the issue. And phoning just a few individuals will not be enough; they need to call more people.
  • Evacuation: In the event of a fire in a busy area, such as a commercial district or shopping mall, security personnel include procedures that direct the general people to the nearest emergency exit. The security guard must check for any obstructions at exits prior to the fire because those are the only routes out of harm’s path for the entire crowd.
  • Other roles: If a fire has a high probability of occurring on the job site, security guards may be exposed to hazardous substances depending on the workplace. Therefore, it is crucial for security officers to acquire the necessary expertise before creating such prospective, in case such events occur.

First Aid and Emergency Response Team

Event security staff is trained to react quickly and effectively to medical emergencies or unforeseen situations. Consequently, offering immediate aid and collaborating with emergency services as necessary.

In conjunction with the appropriate managers, event security will create a comprehensive emergency response plans. Protocols for a range of situations, such as health emergencies, fires, catastrophic events, and security threats, should be included in these plans. A plan for responding to emergencies should have the following essential elements:

  • Medical support: Make plans for on-site medical staff, first aid stations, and medical emergencies. teach CPR and basic first aid to event employees. Guarantee that any locally medical supplies are operational, such as defibrillators.
  • Communication: In the event of an emergency, establish a centralized communication system to relay important information to attendees, employees, and emergency services. This could involve mobile applications, texting services, or public speech systems.
  • Collaboration: Keep lines of contact open with the local police, emergency services, and other pertinent authorities. They can offer direction and assistance in times of need.

How Much Cost To Hire A Security Guard For An Event

hire a event security in dubai

There are many questions when thinking about hiring event security. Two of the most common are: how many security guards do I need for an event? and how much cost to hire a security guard? These two go hand in hand.

You can typically anticipate to pay between AED 50 and AED 100 per hour for event security services. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that a variety of factors will affect how much your security system will cost. Security, after all, is not an all-encompassing proposition.

In light of that, the following are some elements that will affect the price of hiring personnel for your event:

  • Type and size of your event.
  • Event duration.
  • Event location.
  • Training and experience.
  • Services and duties necessary.


What private security does Dubai is a masterful blend of expertise, adaptability, and vigilance in event management. Cooperation between event organizers and security guard companies ensures that attendees enjoy events without putting their safety in danger, as evidenced by the growing Dubai event sector.

The extensive range of responsibilities held by private security firms, from emergency preparedness to specialized security solutions, emphasizes how crucial they are to modern event management.

Success and safety coexist peacefully in this partnership, which is well encapsulated by the security guard industry in Dubai. Private security is still a solid basis in a dynamic environment, assisting in making sure that events go smoothly and leave a positive image.

Emirati Guard is available if you need top-notch Luxury Event Security services in the area. By working with us, you may cut the expense of hiring private protection and take full use of our cost-effective solutions. Hire the top security officers in the UAE by getting in contact with us now.

Security Guards

Introduction to Security Companies in Dubai

Due to the strict rules that law enforcement authorities follow without discrimination, Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. Nevertheless, there are several top security companies in Dubai that offer an additional layer of protection for both businesses and individuals. There are several businesses that provide event security in Dubai because the emirate hosts a number of fascinating events throughout the year.

In this article, we will be giving you an introduction to the best security companies in Dubai. Businessmen, celebrities, and high-profile socialites frequently need extra security and protection, hence security companies Dubai also provide personal security services. Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Lets see the best security companies here:

Understanding Security Needs in Dubai

security companies in Dubai

There is always a chance of criminal conduct or disorderly behavior when managing a business or event. As a result, it is critical to pay closer attention to what is happening in your surroundings.

Safety and a feeling of protection are guaranteed by security guards. Crowd management, theft prevention, and general security can all be accomplished by guards. Security guard services are essential for your family, company, personal belongings, and employees.

Here are some of the many benefits of working with a security firm for your personal or professional need:

  • Deter crime: A surefire approach to serve as a visual barrier for any illegal conduct is to have security personnel present. Security guards in the UAE must complete specific instruction before beginning their careers. This instruction covers seeing and identifying any unusual behavior that might have an effect on the neighborhood or nearby civilians. Additionally, employing security will scare any crooks and aid in their deterrence.
  • Sense of security: A security guard offers you comfort if you are managing a business, hosting an event, or require personal safety. People will feel more at rest understanding there is a safety measure in place and that, if necessary an expert worker is on hand to provide protection. In turn, this produces a safe environment for your clients or workers.
  • Crowd control: The safety of your customers depends on you hiring security for areas where your company or event will have big numbers of people. They can also sort through the line of individuals to assist avoid crowding. Security is crucial for adhering to health and safety laws if you are organizing an event with huge crowds of people. preserving appropriate behavior in larger crowds, keeping an eye on traffic flow, and discouraging any risky behaviors.

Detail about the Top 3 Security Companies in Dubai

Before we go onto detail about the best security companies in Dubai, we will help you with some details you must know before hiring one. You should work with Dubai’s top security firm and obtain Dubai security services if you want your safety to be guaranteed. Use the suggestions below as a help while making your decision.

  • Check for insurance and proper licenses: Check to see if a security firm has a license from relevant authorities before hiring any guards from them. This gives you confidence that they are able to safeguard you or your business. Additionally, you want to confirm the insurance status of their security workers. This protects you and guarantees that they will be paid in the case of any situation that may arise.
  • Specialization and experience: Choose a service provider with professional security personnel. The majority of businesses list the qualifications of their employees along with the training they have received on their websites. In addition to experience, you ought to pick a security firm that specializes in the kind of security you require. Some have security staff with specializations in private security, security for special occasions, or security for buildings like hotels, malls, and schools. Even if employing them could be more expensive than other options, it is advisable to select highly trained and competent guards when it pertains to your protection.
  • Know their reputation: To limit your security partner possibilities, read online reviews. You may quickly learn about their level of service quality from this phase. You can also request references from your company contact if you want to be certain. The people they were working for will be more than happy to recommend them if their safety procedures are actually excellent.

Now, here are the top 3 best security companies in Dubai:

Emirati Guard

Emirati Guard is a strong security guard service provider in the UAE. We have been providing our top-notch Dubai security services for a few years. Consequently, giving our customers the tools and resources they need to instate security for them, their families, or their business.

Our goal is to give our clients security and safety through an exclusive service that interacts with Emiratis, hence increasing their sense of security and dependability to their unique demands. Our primary concerns are ultimately the protection and safety of the client’s personnel, facilities, assets, and general public.

Company Background and History

Emirati Guard was founded to satisfy the demand for upscale, luxurious safety services among UAE’s private, corporate, and government clients. The high expectations of citizens and tourists to the UAE continue to be the cornerstone of everything we do.

We are dedicated to giving you Emirati Guards for your opulent way of life. By investing in and developing our most important resource, our team, we aim to meet all of our goals and go above and beyond for our clients. Our goal is to earn our clients’ trust by offering the best security services accessible in the UAE and upholding high standards.

Services Offered and Specialization

Estate protection, executive protection, luxury security services, and cash security solutions are just a few of the excellent services we provide. Most of the highly qualified individuals we use to defend our clients are chosen from military units, professional associations, and law enforcement groups.

Our high-profile clients include public leaders, wealthy people and their families, entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as celebrities and entertainment companies.

Above all else, we place a high importance on mutual respect, truthfulness, integrity, and altruism. Due to the fact that our staff members are UAE nationals, we have a rich and encouraging environment where personal growth can blossom. We hold ourselves responsible to our clients, staff, and partners by keeping our promises, delivering on our promises, and continually striving to provide the best luxury security services.

Rann Security

One of the top security companies in Dubai is RANN Security, and for good reason! They are a licensed business, which has helped them maintain their position as one of Dubai’s top 10 security firms. They have more than ten years of expertise, and they are able to provide their clients in the public and private sectors with high-quality protection services and solutions.

Company Background and History

The RANN Group of Companies owns RANN Security. It was founded in 2013. For the proper reasons, our business has been recognized as one of the biggest security guard providers in Dubai. They provide personnel and security solutions that are Licensed, vetted, and properly instructed.

With this attitude, they are able to provide our clients with services that are of the highest caliber. Additionally, it enables them to contribute to making private and public assets in Dubai and all the main UAE cities a secure place to work, live, and relax.

It is not simple to rank among the best private security guard services in Dubai. By treating all of their clients equally, whether they belong to a government agency or a for-profit business, they manage to maintain their position among the top.

Services Offered and Specialization

Since they are aware that not all sites will have exactly the same security challenges, they develop unique safety measures and action plans. This company is able to close even the site(s) of our clients that appear to have imperceptible security gaps thanks to this unique pragmatic technique!

These are the security services they offer in Dubai:

  • Security guard services.
  • Field supervision.
  • Management of seamless safety workflows.
  • Security technology services.
  • Virtual guarding.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Remote Access Control.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Specialized training.


Transguard Group, another prominent name for protection system providers in Dubai, offers a wide range of services to its large customer. Since its founding in 2001, it has landed sizable contracts across the UAE. Among them is the security coordination for major sporting occasions like the IRB Rugby 7s World Cup and Rugby Sevens. Additionally, they were in charge of security for a total of as 17 tents at Expo 2020, the World’s Greatest Show.

Company Background and History

Transguard was set up in 2001, and since then, it has been successfully growing in securing corporate contracts throughout the UAE. Facilities management, manpower services, and security services. The most reputable provider of business assistance and outsourcing in the UAE, Transguard employs more than 61,000 people and is home to a sizable, vibrant, and culturally varying workforce.

Services Offered and Specialization

Their services include:

  • Workforce Solutions.
  • Transguard Living.
  • Transguard Delivery.
  • Taste of Home.
  • Security Services.
  • Manpower Solutions.
  • Managed Services.
  • Hospitality Solutions.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Events Solutions.
  • Cash Services.
  • Aviation Services.


security companies in Dubai

Do you believe that your company should not take security lightly? If so, security services could be the ideal choice for your business. An excellent approach to make sure your business has a sufficient security system set up is to use security services. These security measures will ensure that no risks are hiding around every corner, keeping you and your staff secure.

Choosing security services when they are necessary might be challenging. It is crucial to discover security services you can rely on and feel safe with for your home or company safety requirements. Researching security businesses before entering any contracts or employing the company for services is one approach to achieve this.

Finding a top-notch security company through rigorous research has several advantages over simply choosing one because it felt good at the time. Therefore, if you want support for your security needs it is best to select a company that can give you the real assistance you are looking for.

If you want an all-around security services company in Dubai, Emirati Guard is here for you. Get in touch with us and obtain the help you need to keep your security in place! With us, you will not have to worry about a thing. We can handle any type of situation regarding the security of your business, home, or family. With us you can make the most out of our advantages:

  • Our team will be more cognizant of your requirements and preferences.
  • Since we have local knowledge, we can give better advice on safety precautions for a home or business.
  • Greater comfort in knowing that your property has the proper protection when you are not home thanks to our top-notch security service.

If you want to learn more about security topics, go to our insights section.

Security Guards

10 Necessary Security Guard Equipment that is Must on Duty

Security guards are typically engaged by private firms in the UAE and other areas of the world to patrol facilities and grounds. They often work in government entities and have comparable responsibilities. While on patrol, security guards usually need to respond to emergencies. Guards typically carry certain security guard equipment to protect themselves, execute work quickly, prevent crimes and mishaps, and so forth.

In this article, we will be listing the top security guard equipment that individuals need to comply with when doing security guard work. Inadequate security guard equipment might leave your security personnel unprepared, vulnerable, and incapable of executing their job: safeguarding you and your property. Consequently, learning what security guards wear is essential. Let us see:

1. Know the essential security guard equipment

2. See the following frequently asked questions

3. Find the security guard you need with Emirati Guard

Know the Essential Security Guard Equipment

security guard equipment

We need more than ever on security guards to keep us safe from threats and violent crime because the world is a harsher place. Security guards frequently carry a lot of equipment that is necessary for them to execute their duties.

Whether armed or unarmed, they need to have the appropriate training in addition to having the right security gear, which is typically provided by the security companies they work for. If you want to know more about this, here is a list of security guards equipment:

Security License

Any job you apply for automatically requires you to carry identification and documentation of your status on you. Similar circumstances apply to working as a security guard, and because this position is delicate and involves important issues of law and order, it is imperative that the guard always has their security license with them while they are on duty. It is a criminal offence if they are working without a license.

In the UAE, every security guard must have their SIRA license. The SIRA license in Dubai is your stamp of endorsement for the security knowledge you have. Consequently, it shows that you are capable of providing protection to the people that hires you. Therefore, this is why it is so important.


A uniform, a bullet-proof vest, rubber sole boots, and high-visibility jackets are all part of security guard attire. Guards must wear every item below; except the high-visibility jacket if it is nighttime and they are on duty. Since guards must wear their uniforms and boots for extended periods of time, they must be secure and comfortable.

Wearing private security gear is essential for guards working in the cash in transit sector. This type of activity requires people who are professional and ready for any type of issues. Consequently, having the necessary security guard equipment will help guards complete their missions accordingly.


This is a clear-cut and necessary piece of a Security guard equipment checklist. Even though flashlights are bulky and hefty, they work exceptionally well even when the guard is on duty throughout the day. Therefore, a powerful, high-quality flashlight is essential for security guards. This because they could find themselves in a tight spot even in broad daylight. This is one of the main requirements for SIRA training, as it is part of the teaching process.

Waterproof Pen and Notepad

Continuing with the security guard accessories list, a guard’s duties extend beyond catching criminals and preventing crimes. Additionally, they must patrol the region they are watching over and record any significant observations. Since providing information is one of the main security guard responsibilities, waterproof notepad and pen can be really handy.

Defense Equipment

A security guard must prioritize their own safety in order to defend those around them. Consequently, they frequently carry a variety of defensive tools; including handguns, batons, and pepper spray. It aids them in handling law enforcement, criminals, and offenders. As a result, it is imperative that they always have this equipment on the job; regardless of how frequently they use it. It is as important as having the SIRA license for security businesses.

Digital camera

If every area that a security guard had to patrol or watch were covered by a CCTV camera, which is not the case, then their work would be incredibly simple. A digital camera is helpful in situations where a private security guard is responsible for overseeing areas without cameras. Officers can use it to document significant events, snap pictures of objects or crime scenes, and film suspicious activity and vehicles.

Two-way radio

At a work, a number of security guards must communicate with one another at all times. They cannot take the chance of losing touch in the event of an emergency or a critical circumstance. Therefore, when a security guard needs to contact another officer or their headquarters, two-way radios are their closest friend.

Power bank and smartphone

A security guard does use two-way radios the majority of the time, but there is no denying the value of digital technology and communication in this line of work. For quick calls, images, online research, and maps, smartphones are essential. In addition to a smartphone, security personnel should carry a high-capacity power bank in case their phone’s battery dies. These are very important items on our security guard equipment list.


Where will the security guard store all of this? They require access to this equipment so they can quickly get what they need. A robust security belt can be useful in this situation. This belt, which fits around the waist, can hold all the gear that a security officer has to carry.

First Aid Kit

This is the last item on our private security equipment list. First aid administration may not seem like a security guard’s primary responsibility, but trust us, it is. A little first aid bag stocked with the necessities not only benefits the security guards themselves in an emergency but also those nearby. While waiting for police and medical assistance to arrive at the scene, the security officer can offer the necessary assistance.

See the Following Frequently Asked Questions

security guard equipment

Here are some of the most common questions about security guards:

What Other Type of Equipment is Essential for Security Guards?

Other useful duty equipment might include:

  • Rechargeable batteries are available for walkie-talkies, flashlights, and cameras.
  • Night shifts require night vision equipment.
  • Identification card lanyards
  • For harsh weather conditions, wear warm or cool clothing, rain gear, and/or impermeable footwear.

Do every security guard carry guns or other types of armor?

Only a few security officers are armed. To be able to carry a gun while on the job, security guards must undergo more extensive training and certification. This is not an easy process, only the best security agencies in the UAE provide armed security to their clients.

What is a Security Guard Equipment List?

This is a collection of security guard equipment and tools that is frequently created by security firms for their workers. There is not an official security equipment list in the UAE, so the list may vary significantly depending on the firm.

What is the Best type of Communication Equipment for Security Guards?

A two-way radio is the most popular form of communication tool used by security personnel. Two persons can communicate with each other over radio waves using a two-way radio. Security officers who work at events or in a shopping environment frequently use two-way radios.

Two-way radios are a wonderful alternative for sites where there are multiple security guards on duty to enable the guards to interact with one another when necessary. Additionally, security guards frequently carry their cell phones these days in case they have to get in touch with their management or the rescue services. A smartphone and a radio are frequent items on a security guard’s equipment list.

Find the Security Guard you Need with Emirati Guard

Finding the best security guard agency is not as difficult as you may think. Especially, since you are already in the right place. Emirati Guard is the perfect place if you are looking for a private, building, or cash security guard in the UAE. We provide our team with the necessary gear and equipment to make their processes easier. If you want to know more about our processes and the services we can provide, you can get in touch with us at or you can call us at +971 43 316 688.

In addition, if you want to work in the security industry, we have the solution you need. The Talent Point is the place where you can find the job position you have been dreaming of in the UAE. All you have to do is, go on, register, submit your CV, and find the most interesting job offers in the region. As easy as just uploading your resume! If you want to contact our representatives and know more about the services we provide, you can write us at