How Technology is Transform Cash in Transit Security in the UAE

History tells us that we can pass from learning to fly to visit the Moon in less than a century. Ergo, technology is revolutionizing several aspects of our daily lives. In this sense, we want to focus on how it is improving Cash in Transit Security in the UAE today.

In this article, you will discover a technological revolution in Cash in Transit Security. As a result, you will consider it your top option to transport cash and valuable items throughout the UAE. So, become an expert in Cash in Transit Security by reviewing the following topics:

  1. What technological advances do Cash in Transit Security use?
  2. The reasons why technological advances are essential for Cash in Transit Security in the UAE
  3. Where can you find more insights about Cash in Transit Security in the UAE today?

What Technological Advances Do Cash in Transit Security Use?

Cash in Transit Security

Industries such as the women’s security business want to improve their services to attract more customers. After all, their goal is to use their job as advertising in this tremendously competitive market. But is Cash in Transit Security also following this trend nowadays?

Undoubtedly, it is, and its members use one tool we all use today: technology. Indeed, Cash in Transit Security companies is improving their work by taking advantage of technological advances. In this sense, we will address six of them in detail to show you how they work.

On the other hand, remember that the variety of technological advances in security is wide. So, feel free to assess more if you think they can help your business. You can even see how they can improve luxury security services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Let us discuss the technological advances that help Cash in Transit Security companies today in the UAE:

GPS Tracking

Today, our phones, planes, and cars have GPS tracking capabilities. As a result, you can locate them anywhere in the world with only an Internet connection or satellite communication reach. But how can it help the Cash in Transit Security business?

Above all, GPS Tracking allows Cash in Transit companies to know their vehicles and personnel location in real time. This way, they can detect if they are on the planned route to deliver their cargo. It can also be an excellent tool for choosing new ones during an emergency.

In addition, Cash in Transit Security providers can use GPS tracking to allow their clients to see their load’s location from their offices. After all, several of them may want to do that to ensure their cash is in safe hands. In other words, it increases the confidence they have in your organization.

Biometric Authentication

A security guard in a Shopping Mall in Dubai requires access to every potential hiding spot for criminals. However, a Mall can have numerous rooms. So, you could imagine his key chain size if they lock all the doors. Therefore, what can he do?

The perfect solution for this problem is biometric authentication. Logically, it can have a similar application in the Cash in Transit Security business. In other words, it allows personnel to access restricted areas without worrying about unauthorized entries.

Furthermore, biometric authentication has an additional application for Cash in Transit Security. Indeed, your company can set up a system to give restricted access to its vehicles’ cargo. Consequently, no other person would think about entering and stealing your cash.

Intelligent Security Cameras

The best Dubai Security Smart Guard Programs have CCTV systems to help see the entire building from one room. Nonetheless, the job can be demanding if the cameras are of manual control. Fortunately, one innovation can fix this: Intelligent Security Cameras.

In this sense, Intelligent Security Cameras can help Cash in Transit Security companies to witness locations such as departure points, route spots, and destinations. Their advantage is that they can detect movement automatically and provide an adequate image at night.

Moreover, remote Intelligent Security Cameras can also be one part of the necessary security guard equipment in your Crash in Transit Security company. This way, you can witness their actions and ensure they follow the plan adequately.

Communication Devices

During SIRA training, future guards learn how to deliver messages in a way communications run smoothly. Nevertheless, the Cash in Transit Security business requires being able to contact your team over long distances and moving vehicles. So, how can they overcome this issue?

The most innovative way they can do this is by using modern communication devices. For instance, several devices include applications for secure live communications from anywhere in the world. Ergo, you could lead your Cash in Transit Security team from your office.

On the other hand, these communication devices also allow a link between the security team and the client. Indeed, it is a technique that many high-rise building security firms use today. Therefore, their value is allowing your staff to work as a team in every operation.

Maneuverable Armed Vehicles

The Cash in Transit Security business has a fame for using slow and heavy armed vehicles. After all, the cargo and Dubai security guards require vehicles that endure crashes and gunshots without problems. In the past, this involved heavy and thick armor.

On the contrary, several technological advances allow a different story regarding armed vehicles for cash-in-transit procedures today. Indeed, they are now more maneuverable and faster than ever before. Hence, you should invest in them after getting your SIRA approval.

In addition, multiple Cash in Transit Security companies employs several vehicles in every assignment. Their goal is to include a decoy to confuse criminals in their search for your cash. So, do not feel confused after seeing two vehicles transporting your small cash suitcase.

Body Armor

Finally, we cannot finish discussing technological advances in the Cash in Transit Security business without including how to protect security guards. In this sense, technology made body armor lighter, more flexible, and more resistant. As a result, a guard can run and move with protection and without problems.

On the other hand, several companies are also designing modern body armor to protect more than your back and chest. Indeed, they can provide body armor for your arms, legs, and head. Undoubtedly, it is an outstanding advantage for cash security in Dubai.

That is it! You navigated through six technological advances that are improving the Cash in Transit Security business. However, it does not reveal the reasons why they are successful at it. Fortunately, we will reveal them in our following subject.

Why Technological Advances are Essential for Cash in Transit Security

Indeed, several Cash in Transit Security companies uses technological advances in multiple parts of their activities. Nevertheless, every security manager may give you a different answer when you ask why they use them. So, how can we narrow it down to some reasons that justify this process?

In this sense, we prepared detailed information about three primary reasons for using technology in the Cash in Transit Security business. Above all, they also apply to other businesses, such as expert companies in Cyber Security in Dubai.

On the other hand, we recommend not focusing only on these three reasons. Instead, you should assess and find additional reasons that apply to your case. After all, the cash-in-transit industry is also tremendously diverse.

Let us study the reasons why technological advances are essential for Cash in Transit Security in the UAE today:

Planning Your Operation

We know you could plan your Cash in Transit Security operations in a regular meeting at your office. However, one quality that could make you the best security company in Dubai is adequate planning. So, how can you improve this process adequately?

One excellent way to do this is by using technology during your planning phase. For example, you can engage in a video call with several experts in multiple aspects of Cash in Transit Security. As a result, you will discover if a patrolling stage is necessary.

Furthermore, you can also use technological advances, such as touchscreens and projectors, to deliver a better image of your plan. For instance, it will allow you to show the designated route and escape roads during an emergency. Assuredly, it is information that could save lives before you know it.

Threats Detection and Management

Unequivocally, you can put money and bet that people engaging in criminal activities use technology to plan their attacks. Fortunately, you can also use it to detect them and harm their plans before happening. Ergo, technology allows you to perform threat detection and management.

One perfect example of this is the evaluation of threats in social media platforms. Indeed, criminals could provide clues by posting jokes and comments about upcoming operations. They must catch your attention if they relate to Cash in Transit Security.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that you can also use technology to try thinking like a criminal. Namely, evaluate routes and locations where their attack may be easier. This way, you will find data as valuable as your SIRA License in Dubai today.

Real-time Follow up

The technological advances we showed earlier include devices and equipment with interconnectivity. Undoubtedly, their primary advantage is that they allow you a real-time follow-up of your Cash in Transit Security operations. But how does this work for you and your client in the UAE?

First, your Cash in Transit Security company can use GPS tracking, communication devices, and intelligent cameras to oversee the mission from an operations room. As a result, the Dubai security guards will fulfill their role while minimizing mistakes. Logically, it is a perfect scenario for a CIT organization.

Similarly, your clients can use the same system to track their cargo while en route toward its destination. Most importantly, they will witness your service quality and the professionalism of your security guards. Consequently, they will hire your Cash in Transit Security services again in the future.

Obtain Cash in Transit Security in UAE Today

Technology has the means and resources to make us healthier, happier, and safer today. Logically, it also applies to the cash-in-transit business, where a technological revolution is improving services tremendously. Therefore, do not skip using them for your Cash in Transit Security business in the UAE.

The Cash in Transit industry often involves challenging activities for multiple reasons. Hence, you may need assistance to keep your company leading the cash-in-transit market in Dubai. In this sense, we can help you achieve this and more at Emirati Guard.

Let us show you how to use technology to improve your Cash in Transit Security services. Feel free to contact us to discover additional aspects of security in the UAE. So, submit your doubts through a phone call at +971 43 316 688 or via email at