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10 Necessary Security Guard Equipment that is Must on Duty

Security guards are typically engaged by private firms in the UAE and other areas of the world to patrol facilities and grounds. They often work in government entities and have comparable responsibilities. While on patrol, security guards usually need to respond to emergencies. Guards typically carry certain security guard equipment to protect themselves, execute work quickly, prevent crimes and mishaps, and so forth.

In this article, we will be listing the top security guard equipment that individuals need to comply with when doing security guard work. Inadequate security guard equipment might leave your security personnel unprepared, vulnerable, and incapable of executing their job: safeguarding you and your property. Consequently, learning what security guards wear is essential. Let us see:

1. Know the essential security guard equipment

2. See the following frequently asked questions

3. Find the security guard you need with Emirati Guard

Know the Essential Security Guard Equipment

security guard equipment

We need more than ever on security guards to keep us safe from threats and violent crime because the world is a harsher place. Security guards frequently carry a lot of equipment that is necessary for them to execute their duties.

Whether armed or unarmed, they need to have the appropriate training in addition to having the right security gear, which is typically provided by the security companies they work for. If you want to know more about this, here is a list of security guards equipment:

Security License

Any job you apply for automatically requires you to carry identification and documentation of your status on you. Similar circumstances apply to working as a security guard, and because this position is delicate and involves important issues of law and order, it is imperative that the guard always has their security license with them while they are on duty. It is a criminal offence if they are working without a license.

In the UAE, every security guard must have their SIRA license. The SIRA license in Dubai is your stamp of endorsement for the security knowledge you have. Consequently, it shows that you are capable of providing protection to the people that hires you. Therefore, this is why it is so important.


A uniform, a bullet-proof vest, rubber sole boots, and high-visibility jackets are all part of security guard attire. Guards must wear every item below; except the high-visibility jacket if it is nighttime and they are on duty. Since guards must wear their uniforms and boots for extended periods of time, they must be secure and comfortable.

Wearing private security gear is essential for guards working in the cash in transit sector. This type of activity requires people who are professional and ready for any type of issues. Consequently, having the necessary security guard equipment will help guards complete their missions accordingly.


This is a clear-cut and necessary piece of a Security guard equipment checklist. Even though flashlights are bulky and hefty, they work exceptionally well even when the guard is on duty throughout the day. Therefore, a powerful, high-quality flashlight is essential for security guards. This because they could find themselves in a tight spot even in broad daylight. This is one of the main requirements for SIRA training, as it is part of the teaching process.

Waterproof Pen and Notepad

Continuing with the security guard accessories list, a guard’s duties extend beyond catching criminals and preventing crimes. Additionally, they must patrol the region they are watching over and record any significant observations. Since providing information is one of the main security guard responsibilities, waterproof notepad and pen can be really handy.

Defense Equipment

A security guard must prioritize their own safety in order to defend those around them. Consequently, they frequently carry a variety of defensive tools; including handguns, batons, and pepper spray. It aids them in handling law enforcement, criminals, and offenders. As a result, it is imperative that they always have this equipment on the job; regardless of how frequently they use it. It is as important as having the SIRA license for security businesses.

Digital camera

If every area that a security guard had to patrol or watch were covered by a CCTV camera, which is not the case, then their work would be incredibly simple. A digital camera is helpful in situations where a private security guard is responsible for overseeing areas without cameras. Officers can use it to document significant events, snap pictures of objects or crime scenes, and film suspicious activity and vehicles.

Two-way radio

At a work, a number of security guards must communicate with one another at all times. They cannot take the chance of losing touch in the event of an emergency or a critical circumstance. Therefore, when a security guard needs to contact another officer or their headquarters, two-way radios are their closest friend.

Power bank and smartphone

A security guard does use two-way radios the majority of the time, but there is no denying the value of digital technology and communication in this line of work. For quick calls, images, online research, and maps, smartphones are essential. In addition to a smartphone, security personnel should carry a high-capacity power bank in case their phone’s battery dies. These are very important items on our security guard equipment list.


Where will the security guard store all of this? They require access to this equipment so they can quickly get what they need. A robust security belt can be useful in this situation. This belt, which fits around the waist, can hold all the gear that a security officer has to carry.

First Aid Kit

This is the last item on our private security equipment list. First aid administration may not seem like a security guard’s primary responsibility, but trust us, it is. A little first aid bag stocked with the necessities not only benefits the security guards themselves in an emergency but also those nearby. While waiting for police and medical assistance to arrive at the scene, the security officer can offer the necessary assistance.

See the Following Frequently Asked Questions

security guard equipment

Here are some of the most common questions about security guards:

What Other Type of Equipment is Essential for Security Guards?

Other useful duty equipment might include:

  • Rechargeable batteries are available for walkie-talkies, flashlights, and cameras.
  • Night shifts require night vision equipment.
  • Identification card lanyards
  • For harsh weather conditions, wear warm or cool clothing, rain gear, and/or impermeable footwear.

Do every security guard carry guns or other types of armor?

Only a few security officers are armed. To be able to carry a gun while on the job, security guards must undergo more extensive training and certification. This is not an easy process, only the best security agencies in the UAE provide armed security to their clients.

What is a Security Guard Equipment List?

This is a collection of security guard equipment and tools that is frequently created by security firms for their workers. There is not an official security equipment list in the UAE, so the list may vary significantly depending on the firm.

What is the Best type of Communication Equipment for Security Guards?

A two-way radio is the most popular form of communication tool used by security personnel. Two persons can communicate with each other over radio waves using a two-way radio. Security officers who work at events or in a shopping environment frequently use two-way radios.

Two-way radios are a wonderful alternative for sites where there are multiple security guards on duty to enable the guards to interact with one another when necessary. Additionally, security guards frequently carry their cell phones these days in case they have to get in touch with their management or the rescue services. A smartphone and a radio are frequent items on a security guard’s equipment list.

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