How to Hire Hotel Security Guards in UAE?

All hotels must hire a complete security team. Which must include all security elements to help keep guests safe. For instance, a hotel security guard, alarms, fire protection equipment, and others. Security is one of the main concerns of hotels. This is why it is essential to have reliable and competent security guards to guarantee the safety of guests and hotel staff.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need on how to hire a hotel security guard. It is mandatory for all security guards to ensure and maintain the security of the hotel. In addition, they have to protect guests and staff from any danger. That is why you have to know what the role of these security guards is. You will also see what their main responsibilities and essential skills are. Finally, you will see all the benefits of having this stuff in your hotel and why it is essential.

The Role of a Hotel Security Officer in Dubai, UAE

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Before hiring a hotel security guard, you have to know what their role is. Their specific role is to ensure a safe environment for hotel staff and guests. In addition, it protects all hotel files.

On the other hand, they also have specific functions that they have to fulfill throughout the day. The first thing will be to establish the chain of command. To do this you have to know that the hotel security guard is directly responsible to the security supervisor on duty. Additionally, he or she is responsible to the Deputy Operations Manager, Security Director, and Deputy Director. That is why it is important to learn how to hire a security guard.

Every day, the director or deputy director of security has to make a roster of shifts. These are the functions that the hotel security guard has to fulfill. Upon having the list, the officer will be deployed in one of the following service positions.

  • Lobby service
  • Security Control Room Service
  • Loading dock.
  • Do patrol or observation.
  • Behind the house
  • VIP parking
  • Other positions that require your operations in the security field.

Furthermore, the hotel security guard has to exercise flexibility to maintain a balance between effectiveness and lack of obstructions. Also, promote the image of gentlemen instead of officers for the security service. All actions must be on behalf of the hotelier in terms of security.

Finally, it is important to know that they have to protect the safety of guests, property, and the hotel. In addition, helping another department provide services to customers. The idea is to maintain or improve the services provided.

Hotel Security Officer Skills and Responsibilities

The professional profile that every hotel security guard and security company must have very specific characteristics. Next, you will see what are the main and most important characteristics that a good security guard must have.

Reaction capacity: In many scenarios, the hotel security guard has to analyze the situation faced. You then have to put it into context along with the rules and protocols you are bound by. Sometimes, common sense and what the rules dictate are not in sync. The human factor is what tips the balance towards what a professional decides in the field.

Good communication skills: Any hotel security guard is the face of the public, which is why it has to be reinforced with adequate communication skills. The capacity for dialogue, a good disposition, and serenity in situations of tension and stress are important tools for a professional who works in surveillance. In addition, an aspect that transmits trust and security must be added, they are essential factors.

Teamwork and leadership capacity: In most protection and security jobs, the professional has to work in collaboration with other members. Generally, it is usually a large team that provides security services. The case of hotels is no exception. On some occasions, the security guard will have to contact state security forces and bodies.

Experience and training: A good hotel security guard has to be aware of a multitude of advances, changes, and new work ecosystems. For instance, just like police officers, hotel security guards need to understand about weapons. If you want to stay up to date, the hotel security guard has to be immersed in a permanent training process. Experience must also be added to this training by every professional. As a result, the security guard will be able to have the tools to face any situation.

Escorting Staff and Guests

There are a series of aspects that security guard services imply accompaniment. These may include escorting VIP visitors to and from their vehicles and around the entire hotel. Additionally, accompany staff who finish their shift late at night to their vehicle or public transportation.

A security guard for a hotel may often be necessary to escort guests who have been evicted from the hotel; particularly public areas such as restaurants and bars.

Completing Reports and Logging Activity

A record must be kept of unusual occurrences, patrol routines, and any required responses. This is a vital aspect of the hotel’s security functions. Additionally, they are very helpful in keeping hotel management aware of areas of concern.

You also find this helps when handing over a work shift to an incoming security team. In this way, recording and reporting can be done by manual writing. However, in many cases, it is done using a computer.

Enhancing Safety at the Grand Hotel

In many hotels, there are surveillance systems that need to be constantly monitored. In this way, the grand hotel security guard can spend an entire shift or part of it in front of the screens. Thanks to this, they can monitor unusual, dangerous, or illegal activities that occur in the hotel.

Another vital responsibility is to patrol hallways, parking areas, lobbies, bars, and any publicly accessible facilities. Additionally, you may call the patrol officer in charge to respond to any incident or concern that warrants your assistance. These may include guests reporting disturbances from other rooms or suspicious people on the premises.

Accessories, cash, and contents are all worthy of protection against theft and damage. However, the security guard has responsibility for the well-being and safety of guests, visitors, and hotel staff. Therefore, this is a primary responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Maintaining a Secure Environment for Guests

Hotels present a set of rules that visitors and guests must respect. This provides a safe environment for both staff hotel visitors and guests. Additionally, a hotel security guard will be called and will deal with any guests or staff members who break any rules.

Hotel security officers are generally responsible for carrying out established security procedures. An example is evacuating the building in case an alarm is activated. Guests and staff must be treated calmly and professionally in these situations.

In addition, you must contact emergency services concisely report the situation, and be able to coordinate responses. For this reason, security guards must go through strict training.

Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Your Hotel

Having a hotel security guard has multiple benefits, among the most relevant are the following.

Protection of staff and guests: Security guards can prevent and detect risk situations. This is what helps ensure the safety of hotel staff and guests.

Prevention of vandalism and theft: The presence of a hotel security guard deters criminals. In addition to reducing the probability of theft and vandalism in hotel facilities.

Rapid emergency response: In emergencies, a hotel security guard can respond quickly and take steps to minimize the impact of the situation.

Calm and safe environment: The presence of a hotel security guard helps create a calm and safe environment in the hotel. As a result, you will see a sense of guest satisfaction.

Guest Assistance: Security guards can assist guests in case of specific needs. For instance, provide guidance and information.

Why Do Hotels Require Security Guards?

Why do hotels need security guards? This is the question that hotel managers and guests often ask. The answer is simple; all hotels need security guard services to prevent crimes from occurring. In addition, they have to offer support so that the rest of the staff can fulfill their duties in their departments. For receptionists, it is very difficult to check in a guest while ensuring the visitor’s bags are safe.

For example, imagine you’re on your honeymoon and you make an online reservation at a hotel you’ve never stayed at. When you arrive at the hotel you want to register and you see other guests making traffic. However, you notice that there is no security at the door and there is only one staff member behind the counter. While you wait, you have your suitcases, you get careless and from one moment to the next it is no longer there. Since there was no security guard in the hotel, there was no way to prevent crime.

Additionally, security guards in hotels are also necessary during emergencies. Which can occur accidentally. For example, a fire and other unforeseen circumstances. They help keep not only guests safe, they also protect employees during any situation.


hotel security guard

Hiring security guards for a hotel is an extremely important task. You need to do careful planning and evaluation of your hotel’s security needs. For this reason, you must determine the number of guards that will be needed for your hotel and what skills they must possess.

Security guards in hotels can monitor security cameras, and patrol and control access to different areas of the hotel. Additionally, these can escort guests and staff through the hotel. Furthermore, it is important that you select a security company that is experienced and trustworthy.

Having experienced and well-equipped security guards is an important factor for a security company. Additionally, she must have a good reputation in the industry and be willing to work closely with the hotel. This way, they will be able to develop a security plan that meets all the hotel’s needs.

A training plan must be established for security guards in the hotel. Additionally, you must establish an evaluation and supervision system for hotel security guards. Therefore, if you want a company that can guarantee the security of your hotel, Emirati Guard is the ideal candidate. This way, you can count on highly trained personnel to protect your hotel.